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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on June 10, 2011

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This morning, Andi and I headed around the southern tip of Lake Michgan and into Wisconson.

Destination:  Menomonee Falls (aka just outside of Milwaukee) for Kayla and Christopher’s wedding!

Before heading out, I had to pack up all my stuff from where I was house-sitting, bring home food, yoga stuff, dirty laundry, and grab a couple clean things for the trip.  Breakfast as I was getting everything together was a standard Bagelthin with sunflower seed butter and white chocolate chips.

Plus a Starbucks before heading towards the highway.  Pre-road trip caffeine?  Yes, please.

Like any good road trip, pictures were involved!

We were making good time until we hit a Chicago traffic jam and came to a near halt.  It took five hours to get through the city.  Okay, not really that long, but it felt like that long!  I’m so accustomed to going right into the city, not driving around it!

Oh hai Chicago! Please don’t be this cloudy and overcast when I come back next weekend.  That’d be swell.  Even on days like this, I still love that skyline.  And, that city.

By this time, I desperately needed a bathroom and food.  We couldn’t do much about the bathroom, but I thought ahead and packed road trip snacks!  I lurve cinnamon roasted almonds.

Once we were safely outside of the crazy Chicago traffic, the next order of business was finding a bathroom and lunch!  Enter, a random Subway in some random town that I have no idea where we actually were.  I had the veggie sub with all the veggies, including avocado.  Dear Subway important people, please, please, please keep avocado in your stores.  It makes me happy.

Despite some navigational issues with detours and the GPS and missed exits, we finally made it safe and sound to the hotel!

Time to go get ready for the wedding!  I’m so excited to see my friends start their new life as man and wife tonight!

What are your must haves for a road trip? Snacks and music top my list!

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Sana June 10, 2011 at 5:28 pm

I have not even tried the avocado yet!!!


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