What I learned about myself in April (and some May goals).

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on April 30, 2012

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We meet again, end of the month. You’re a sneaky little bugger, coming up so fast.

april 2012 recap.

I have to be honest about something.  About four days into the month, I stopped keeping track of the progress on my April goals.  I really don’t know what happened.  I think I just got burnt out in a way.  What I do know is that even without tracking, I can tell you that I didn’t achieve a single one of my goals.  Nope, not a one.

What did happen, though, is far more important than achieving some arbitrary goals.  I learned a lot about myself throughout this month, so that’s what I’m going to talk about instead.


  1. When I’m consistently running outside, rather than on the treadmill, my trips to the gym are few and far between.  If I’m going to run outside, I head right home after work.  It’s pretty much impossible to get in strength training or the pool when you’re not frequenting the gym.  I love being outside, but I kind of love being a gym rat, too.
  2. Speaking of the treadmill, I realized that when I’m running outside, my knee doesn’t bother me!  Okay, sometimes it does, but not nearly as frequently as when I’m consistently on the treadmill.
  1. It’s not so much eating fruits and vegetables that’s the problem, it’s keeping them on hand.  When I have them, I eat them.  My problem is more that I just don’t go grocery shopping enough.  I need to buy less on each trip and go more often.  Buy enough to last for a week, eat that, shop again.  It’s not that hard, but grocery shopping is one of my least favorite things to do, so I put it off.
  1. My relationship with God feels stronger when I’m getting myself to church every week.  Even if I wasn’t consistent in my Bible reading every day, starting the week on that note helps me feel closer to Him every day.
  2. When I have Netflix, I’ll spend too much time watching mindless television.  I’m still making my way through How I Met Your Mother.  I’m obsessed.  I put off doing things I enjoy, like reading.  If I keep Netflix, I want to balance out the mindless stuff and watch some educational things as well.  Yep, I’m a nerd and really enjoy documentaries.
  3. I might turn the lights out by 11pm, but that doesn’t mean I fall asleep any sooner.  Most nights, I was still awake until midnight or after.  I wish I could figure out how to break that cycle!
weight loss.
  1. I sabotage myself.  I have a couple good weeks where I see success on the scale and use that as a “reason” to be more lenient with what I’m eating.  Then I gain a couple pounds and it all starts over.  Now that I’m making an effort to track my food, it seems to be helping with my awareness.  Hopefully that will soon lead to results on the scale!

may 2012 goals.

I really debated for this month if I wanted to make goals and if I did, how to approach them.  I really want to get a fresh start back in my fitness and training plan, so for this month, quantifiable fitness goals will be my sole focus.

I have two races this month (a 5k and a 10k), with the first on Saturday, and I am declaring May 1 as the official start of marathon training!  So, May is a fitness focus.  The eating and wholeness is important, but I want to get refocused on my fitness!

  1. core.  At least 1,000 ab/core exercises.  I’m taking a big step back on this one.
  2. bike 50 miles.  I have my bicycle back now and I hope to get a lot of these in on the road!
  3. new rules of lifting for women.  I haven’t done strength training in a month.  I had about 3 workouts left in Level 1 the last time I did it.  I am going to take a step back and do the entire second half of that level over again, likely decreasing some of the weights.  I’m setting my goal for six sessions, minimum.
  4. planking.  I fully believe that planks are one of the most effective core exercises around.  I want to get back in this habit and shoot for at least one 2+ minute plank.
  5. run 60 miles.  26.2, I’m coming for you!  I will start marathon training off on the right foot!
  6. swim.  Get in the pool at least once a week (thus, at least five times by the end of the month) and work on becoming more confident as a swimmer.  I love being in the water, but just swimming in and of itself is crazy hard for me.
  7. try something new.  I have DVDs I haven’t tried, that still sit on my shelf in the plastic wrap.  There’s classes at the gym I haven’t tried.  I want to expand my horizons!
  8. yoga.  I need this in my life like whoa.  My studio has $5 community classes that I want to strive to get to when I can.  Otherwise, I want to just practice somewhere at least once a week.

Ultimately, my biggest goal for the month is really just about getting back into a routine that’s not only running.  Don’t get me wrong, I love running and with a marathon on the horizon, I have to get those miles in.  But, I absolutely believe that running is not enough to make me a strong runner.  It’s the miles and all the other stuff that come together to help build my endurance, get me a bit faster, and just help me to be stronger all around.

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Elizabeth April 30, 2012 at 12:40 pm

I really like how your organize your goals, and your honest assessment of what’s working, and what needs to be adjusted. I have similar issues when it comes to grocery shopping often enough. It seems like a never-ending cycle back and forth to the store. 🙂 As for falling asleep earlier, have you tried working out in the morning? It has done wonders for me that way. Happy almost May!
Elizabeth recently posted..Today: An award-winning weekend.


Elle April 30, 2012 at 12:59 pm

I can relate to the self-sabotage…. I tend to do that too.

Interesting read and I like your goal list especially. I hope to branch out a bit in May too after my half marathon. Running takes up so much time and energy!
Elle recently posted..Thanks For the Advice and Encouragement #PROOF


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