weekly workout recap: week of 07.24.11

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on July 31, 2011

in Last Week's Workouts

Here’s what went down this week.

Sunday:  nada
Monday:  physical therapy + zumba 10.0 miles on the stationary bike, 0.5 miles
Tuesday:  3.0 miles 4.0 miles + powerflex
Wednesday:  physical therapy + yoga
Thursday:  4.0 miles hot yoga (and lots of dancing and jumping at the Taylor Swift concert!)
Friday:  4.0 miles 3.0 miles
Saturday:  nada part dos

To be honest, I’m having a really, really hard time getting my running groove back.  I still love running (well, Friday sucked and I hated running) but I have zero desire to do significant distances.  I think deep down I know that there’s no realistic way that I can be ready for an October marathon at this point, and it’s affected me.  As much as I want to call myself a marathoner come this fall, 26.2 miles is overwhelmingly daunting.  Getting back on track with my knee has been a challenge.  Right now, dropping down to the half marathon seems like the more realistic option.  The option that won’t lead to a more serious injury, the option that won’t lead to burnout.

No matter which distance I end up doing, the half or the full, I want to go into it knowing I’m ready to give it my all and do my best.

The most inspirational person that kept me going this week was, without a doubt, Sweaty Emily.  The girl is a freaking IRONMAN (Ironwoman?).  There are numerous people in the blog world and beyond that inspire me to be a better, stronger athlete.  Emily is definitely one of those people.  Be sure to go read her recap from the Ironman Lake Placid.

Sunday:  6.0 miles
Monday:  physical therapy + zumba or 10.0 miles on the bike
Tuesday:  3.0 miles + powerflex
Wednesday:  physical therapy + yoga
Thursday:  4.0 miles
Friday:  4.0 miles
Saturday:  rest

Here’s to another week!


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