weekly workout recap: week of 07.17.11

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on July 25, 2011

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Another week, another recap!

  • Sunday:  –
  • Monday:  start physical therapy!
  • Tuesday:  3.0 miles
  • Wednesday:  yoga
  • Thursday:  4.0 miles
  • Friday:  3.0 miles
  • Saturday:  3.1 miles – running the Miles for Hope 5k!

The big news of this week was that I finally got some insight into my knee with my first physical therapy appointment on Monday.  It seems I have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) also known as runner’s knee, plus basically all of my muscles from my knees up through my lower core are super weak.  While I’ve got some work to do, the good news it all of it is that I can still run!

I think the biggest hurdle this week was riding the stationary bike.  It’s something I’ve always avoided or at the very least, done on little resistance.  It’s always been such a challenge, but now knowing about my weak muscles, it gave me motivation to work harder.  On Monday, I did 8.0 miles!  Woot!

I’m working on regaining my running endurance and have a long ways to go.  I ran a total of 7.0 miles this week.  The runs I had planned for Friday and Saturday were scratched, due to the Keith Urban concert and, well, not having a reason other than not wanting to get up and going when my alarm when off the morning of the 5k.

Wrapping up the week was a yoga session with Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior DVD.  It’s intense but much like the bike, I’m more aware of why it’s hard and I tried to not go into child’s pose more than a couple times.

I’m ready and excited to take on another week!  I’ve got physical therapy twice and can’t wait to get a solid start on the road to a stronger, better me!

  • Sunday:  –
  • Monday:  zumba
  • Tuesday:  3.0 miles + powerflex
  • Wednesday:  yoga
  • Thursday:  4.0 miles
  • Friday:  4.0 miles
  • Saturday:  rest

Time to bring it!


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