weekly workout recap: week of 06.05.11

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on June 12, 2011

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My first week of marathon training?  Check!

My goals for the week were primarily keep it light and simple so I can take it easy on my knee while still getting in some mileage.

  • run:  10 miles
  • yoga:  practice 1-2 times

I spent most of the weekend in the car and all good intentions to workout before leaving for Wisconsin went out the window.

  • Sunday:  2.0 mile run + 1.5 elliptical + light core/strength
  • Monday:  zumba!
  • Tuesday:  3.0 mile run that ended with zero pain in either knee!
  • Wednesday:  off
  • Thursday:  another pain free 3.0 miles!
  • Friday:  off
  • Saturday:  off

All in all, I feel pretty okay about the week.  I undershot my mileage goal by a bit, but I’m absolutely thrilled that I had two runs without hurting by the end!  It was such a huge sigh of relief!  As much as I want to go balls to the wall to kick off these first few weeks of training, I know that I can’t.

I have a doctor’s appointment later this week to get my knees both checked out.  I know that there’s something not quite right with my right knee (I can feel things moving around!), but I just want to have the piece of mind to know if it’s something serious or (hopefully) not.  I really don’t know what she’s going to say, but I’m going to be pretty insistent that they check it out.

Rather than posting goals for the week, I’m going to start switching it to what I have planned for the week.  I’ve got a whole training plan mapped out for this marathon, so it seems to make more sense to plan based on that rather than goals.  Who knows, I might switch back.  We’ll give this a go-around for a couple weeks, see what happens!

  • Sunday:  4.0 miles
  • Monday:  zumba
  • Tuesday:  3.0 miles + powerflex
  • Wednesday:  yoga
  • Thursday:  3.0 miles
  • Friday:  3.0 miles
  • Saturday:  rest

I also need to get back to the 100 push-up challenge!  The program has three days each week to work on push-ups, so I’m going to restart (yet again) and start doing that every Monday, Wednesday, Friday with any testing days on Sunday.  Every time I’ve tried to do it before, I’ve just done it on arbitrary days, so we’ll see how it works out.  I added a spreadsheet to my training plans to keep track of my progress.


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