weekly workout recap: week of 05.22.11

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on May 29, 2011

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Another week in the books!  Time is flying these days – I feel like I just did last week’s recap yesterday!  Has it really been a week already?!

My goals for the week of May 22-28 were:

  • running:  10 miles total
  • racing:  finish strong in Saturday’s 10k; improve my time from the Tulip Time 10k earlier in the month
  • strength:  try a strength class (similar to Body Pump) at the Y
  • yoga: practice 1 time

I felt like I had a solid week, even if I didn’t quite make my goals.  I think getting a yoga session in would have been good going into the 10k, but it just didn’t happen.  Out of the 10 miles I was hoping to run, I did 8.2, which isn’t so bad, especially considering I was at zero the week before!  Having a race on the docket helped get the mileage up there a bit more!

I’m hoping for a quick recovery from the 10k; my knees were pretty angry with me by the time I finished.  I officially start marathon training next week, so I’m planning on keeping runs shorter this week to stay in the groove but not overdo it.  I hope to/plan on doing more, but in terms of goals, I’m keeping it simple this week.  I know it’s going to get crazier as I get further into marathon training, so I’m going to enjoy calm week before that gets started!

My goals for this coming week are:

  • elliptical/run:  8-10 miles
  • strength:  1 Powerflex class + 3 core
  • yoga:  practice 1-2 times
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