weekly workout recap: week of 05.15.11

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on May 22, 2011

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I’ll be honest:  hurting my knee during the National Half Marathon, the lack of training between that and last week’s River Bank Run, and then struggling to the finish line…it really messed with me, mentally and physically.

My goals for the week of May 15-21 were:

  • running:  a couple short (2-3 mile) runs
  • strength:  1 upper body session
  • yoga:  practice 2 times
  • other:  try one new class at the Y

Despite my goals, I ended up really taking it easy this week.  I worked out once doing the elliptical and some upper body/core work.  Once.

I think it was just the thing I needed.  I was frustrated, I was hurting from doing a race I was not trained for, I was discouraged and wondering how in the world I would ever be ready for a full marathon in October.

Rather than going to the gym after work, I came home and relaxed.  I didn’t allow myself to feel guilty about not working out, but instead gave myself the full recovery period I needed.  After a week of (almost) complete time off from working out, I feel excited about getting my routine back, not dreading it or feeling like it’s going through the motions, or even like I have to drag myself to the gym.

I’m ready to start training for my marathon, ready to put a concerted effort towards training well, incorporating consistent cross and strength training, ready to give myself 100%.

Although I may not have made real efforts at working out, I did work on the PLANKS challenge and I’m making progress!  My initial test was 1:15 and I’m now up to 1:30.  Friday, instead of doing 1:40, I did three sets of 1:00, 0:30, and 0:30.

You can follow along on my plan and progress for this challenge!

With my new resolve and motivation, here are my goals for this coming week:

  • running:  10 miles total
  • racing:  finish strong in Saturday’s 10k; improve my time from the Tulip Time 10k earlier in the month
  • strength:  try a strength class (similar to Body Pump) at the Y
  • yoga: practice 1 time

I think this is the first time in awhile I’m really, truly excited to have a solid week of working out!  Can’t wait!

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Kristie May 23, 2011 at 5:59 pm

Mindy are you signed up for the Grand Rapids Marathon? I’m signed up for it this year!

PS – this is one of your HLS roommates from last year – I know it has been a while :).


mindy @ just a one girl revolution. May 23, 2011 at 9:07 pm

Hey stranger!! I am indeed doing the GR Marathon – I’m so excited to hear you are as well! Are you HLS’ing again this year?


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