weekly workout recap: week of 05.08.11

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on May 15, 2011

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Last week was a really solid week and I was hopeful for this week to be the same, but life and some semblance of laziness got in the way.  I definitely used tapering as an excuse more than I should have.

My goals for the week of May 8-15 were:

  • running:  run 15-20 miles
  • racing:  if I drop down to the 10k, improve my time from the Tulip Time Run; if I stick with the 25k, finish!
  • strength:  3 sessions of the 100 push-up challenge; 2 upper body sessions
  • yoga:  practice 2 times

I was highly focused on Saturday’s big race.

  • Sunday:  unplanned rest day
  • Monday:  30 minute upper body strength training and two left feet at Zumba
  • Tuesday:  a hilly 3.0 miles
  • Wednesday – Friday:  nada
  • Saturday:  a challenging day at the River Bank Run 25k

I also did the 100 push-up challenge on Sunday and Tuesday.  I’m up to a total of 53 reps (a little under half from my toes, the rest from my knees)!

Lesson learned from the race on Saturday:  under-training is a horrible idea and I’m paying for it.  This week, I’m keeping it light and easy.  I know my muscles are not happy and I need to recover.  I have another 10k during Memorial Day weekend and I don’t want to risk really injuring myself knowing that is coming up.  I could not only sideline myself for that race but for awhile.  In light of that, my goals for this week are:

  • running:  a couple short (2-3 mile) runs
  • strength:  1 upper body session
  • yoga:  practice 2 times
  • other:  try one new class at the Y

Starting tomorrow, I’m also joining in the PLANKS Challenge!

Right now, my best time is 1:15 in a forearm plank.  I only do a plank about once per week now.  My goal for this challenge which runs until June 26 is to do plank three times per week and hold the plank for 4:00 minutes.  When I took my boot camp class in the fall, a plank was part of the initial/final testing and 4:00 minutes was the cut-off point.  I was so impressed with everyone that held it for that long!  I want to be in those ranks!

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