weekly recap: week[s] of 11.17 – 11.30

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on December 1, 2011

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So I feel like this week’s recap will a little wonky since I didn’t do one last Thursday as I was home for Thanksgiving.  Also, how was Thanksgiving already a week ago?!  Not to mention that it’s already freaking December!

weight loss.

last week: 163.4 (two weeks ago, technically)
this week:  163.4
total lost:  69.6

I was completely okay with a loss of zero; I knew with the holiday (and all the pie!) thrown in the mix, it would be a less than stellar week.  Given that I was really expecting to gain, this was actually kind of nice!

workout plans.

{last week.}
thursday:  none
friday:  none
saturday:  none
sunday:  run 1.5 + elliptical 1 + weights (20 minutes)
monday:  bike 10
tuesday:  run 2 + powerflex
wednesday:  rest day

I didn’t do a thing while I was home for Thanksgiving, but I was really excited to jump back into a routine when I got back to Grand Rapids.

{this week.}
thursday:  run 2 + zumba
friday:  yoga
saturday:  run 4 + weights
sunday:  playing it by ear 🙂
monday:  bike 6 + zumba
tuesday:  run 3 + powerflex
wednesday:  rest day


{last week.}
one:  take a multivitamin every day.
two: journaling and God time every night.
three: bake!  It’s something I love, but I couldn’t tell you the last time I did.

So, let’s talk about the goals from two weeks ago – I did really well for the week I actually made the goals for.  I remembered to take the multivitamin about five days; I learned I really need to take it in the morning, not at night.  It doesn’t sit well if I take it before bed.  I made an awesome cake and spent a lot of time, although not quite every day, writing and reading the Word.  Good stuff.

Last week, my ultimate goal was just not overdo it at all the Thanksgiving dinners.  I did okay.  Saturday was the worst and I was miserable for it!

{this week.}
one:  take a multivitamin every morning.
two:  start my Christmas shopping.
three:  send “just because” cards to three friends

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