vegan month challenge reflections.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on August 3, 2011

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Wednesday already?!  How has hump day treated everyone?

This morning was a bit rough – one of my roommates had a jewelry party at the house last night and the jewelry lady didn’t end up leaving until almost 11 pm, thus bed happened later than I wanted it to.  Such is life.  I did buy a super cute pair of earrings though!  I’ll share once they come in!

So, the vegan month challenge ended a few days ago.  Overall, I think it was pretty successful!  I wasn’t 100% vegan for the whole month, but I’d say I stayed pretty close to 85-90%.  Some of the slip ups happened with full awareness, but others were completely unintentional.  I don’t know that a month is long enough to really notice a true difference in how I feel, but I think it has made a bit of a difference.

Moving on, I think (at least for the foreseeable future), I’m going to stick with eating a primarily vegan diet.  If I have some ice cream or a cheesy pizza now and then, so be it.  I’m going to still shoot for the 80-90% range which I think is not too bad.  If nothing else, the month made me more aware (even more than February’s vegan week) of how much I eat that does have eggs or dairy.  I think that the longer I can stick with a primarily vegan diet, not only the easier it will get, but the better I’ll feel overall.

Breakfast this morning was the last big of the Cville Crunch Granola.  Sad!  That stuff was ridiculously good!!  I added a small bit of peanut butter, too, since there wasn’t a ton of granola left.

I’ve gone to the Smashburger that opened near my office a couple times now.  I had brought a lunch, but one of my coworkers twisted my arm to go today.  I had the spicy baja burger with a black bean patty and a side of sweet potato smashfries.

As good as it tastes, I think I really need to avoid the chain.  With the exception of the first time I went, it has not gone well.  It sits like a rock in my stomach and just doesn’t digest well at all.  I think it’s really just a lot more grease than I eat on a regular day and my belly does not approve.

I had another physical therapy session today and I feel like I’m getting stronger every single time I go!  Hooray!  I was planning on a hot yoga class tonight, but with an upset stomach, I ended up canceling because I just saw it ending really poorly.  Instead, I hopped on the stationary bike and rode 8.0 miles (35:00 minutes).

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