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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on November 8, 2011

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It was a bit of an unusual day in that I spent the morning taking care of some family issues, so I didn’t go into work until noon.  And, I also had two breakfasts.

First, a cinnamon chip muffin with a little dark chocolate peanut butter.

Second:  pumpkin praline pancakes.  Once the family stuff was all taken care of, I stopped at IHOP along with my dad and stepmom.  My sister, Kris, stopped by too!

Yum and yum.

I had a small salad a bit after I got back to work.  Spinach, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, and a little feta.  That bright green container?  Great for being earthy friendly.  Doesn’t look so awesome in pictures.

Work FLEW by.  It helps when you’re only there for half a day!  Before I knew it, I was heading out the door to the gym!  I ran/walk 2.0 miles (11:22 pace); running is slowly but surely coming back.  I’m trying really hard to not push myself too hard for now.  I don’t want to end up right back where I was with my knee.  Slow and steady.  I did Powerflex as well, and it kicked my ass.  I was really feeling it by the end halfway through!

Dinner was a total experiment:  a box of a quinoa/brown rice blend mixed with a can of diced tomatoes, slightly steamed broccoli, and feta.

Experimentation success!  It was so good!

Since I didn’t blog a ton last week, I never got to talk about my excitement that Damian McGinty from The Glee Project debuted on Glee last week!  Although I was really excited about Lindsay in the first episode, Damian was always my favorite on TGP.  That Irish accent? LOVE.

I’m slightly bummed that he’s only made a very small appearance in this week’s episode, though!  Although, I thought last week’s episode was a bit of a bomb, so here’s hoping this week is better!

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Sarah November 9, 2011 at 10:37 am

I can’t wait to hear your views on last night’s episode!! I loved how they incoporated the music from West Side Story, but am still unsure about the episodes ending.
Sarah recently posted..Just an another Tuesday


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