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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on May 24, 2011

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Hey there!  Happy Tuesday!  I woke up this morning hoping it was really later in the week than it actually is.  I’m not one to wish time away, but I’m super excited for a four day weekend – I’ve got Friday and Monday off!  I love national holidays – four days off for only one vacation day?  Win!

Breakfast this morning was the exact same as yesterday because I’m boring it was really tasty and hit the spot!  Don’t mess with a good thing.  And, I really needed wanted the extra caffeine kick from Starbucks.

I’ve been super productive at work this week – maybe a little too much so, my to-do list is dwindling down faster than I thought it would!  I’ve got a big project I keep putting off, so I might have to break down and start on that one.

For lunch, I went for the salad I was going to get yesterday.  I was halfway through making it when I saw the chips, salsa, and GUAC!  I was already stuck with the salad I had started, so I made two smaller boxes of goodies instead of one big salad.

The salad had a mix of spinach and spring mix, banana peppers, sprouts, cucumbers, and a huge cherry tomato that might have been on steroids.  (Sadly, that’s actually probably not too far from the truth…), all topped with Italian dressing.

It was actually not the greatest guac in the world.  It was pretty creamy and mild; I like mine to have some avocado chunks and a bit more flavor.

But still, when I wasn’t expecting it, a welcome surprise to make my day a little brighter!

Gotta get back to that to-do list…except it’s sunny and warm outside with a slight breeze, so it was really tough to drag myself back to the office!

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