things are calming down.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on July 5, 2011

in Vegan Month Challenge

After a crazy, stressful couple weeks at work and spending the holiday weekend with my family, I feel as though life is really, truly back to normal.  I feel much calmer, much more motivated, and even happier.  It’s a wonderful feeling.

The Vegan Month Challenge is going so far, so good.  This weekend was a tough one with being out of my normal element, and the 4th of July party we went to was probably the biggest challenge of all.  The not one, but four pans (!!) of cheesy potatoes and a variety of desserts was a huge temptation, but I resisted!  Having survived this weekend makes me feel much more confident that I can do this!

I made some chocolatey overnight oats for breakfast this morning.  The strawberries I bought at the Farmer’s Market on Friday had already spoiled by this morning!  The beauty and the frustration of food fresh off the farm – it tastes so much better, but it seems to spoil that much faster!  Since the strawberries were out of the picture, I topped the bowl with blackberries instead!

My morning was eaten up by a several hour meeting, but it officially wrapped up the insanity that has been my job over the last couple of weeks!  Whew!  I’ve done a pretty decent job of staying caught up on emails and my day-to-day work in the midst of it all, but I’ve got some things to work on that got pushed aside.

First, a lunch break!  I was so hungry!  I brought the rest of the stuffed acorn squash I made on Friday and I think it tasted even better today!

Back to work!

What was the highlight of your holiday weekend? Spending time with family tops my list!

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