the boys only (plus girls) tour

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on October 30, 2011

in Grand Rapids

Man alive, where does the weekend go?!

It’s been pretty chill around these parts this weekend.  Between a stressful week at work the week before last, being sick last week, and a busy week ahead, I really just wanted (and needed) to do a whole lot of relaxing.

And that is just what I did.  I’ve logged lots of time reading American Wife and I’m just about done; maybe 30 or so pages to go.  I did laundry and in the midst of washing my sheets got really ambitious and rotated my mattress.  I’m sure that was quite a sight, watching me try to flip it over all on my own.  But, I did it and without breaking anything to boot!

The highlight of my weekend, without a doubt, was the Boys Only (Plus Girls) Tour featuring Jon McLaughlin plus Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers (affectionately known as the SK6ERS).

I’ve seen both live before, and even met them when their respective tours rolled through Grand Rapids.  Cassie and I were clearly tight with Stephen back in the day.  😉  (But, I’m dumb and seemed to have deleted my old photo with me and Jon.  Sadface.)

So, I was really excited to see them tour together and even more excited when my friend Lindy graciously gave me her extra ticket.  The show was at The Pyramid Scheme, a relatively new venue in Grand Rapids.  The crowd was super small which I love because it makes for an intimate show.  Concerts at the big arenas and stadiums are a blasty, but there’s something so special about the really small club shows.

After the opening act, Chris Koza, played his set, Jon McL took the stage!  If you’re not familiar with Jon, he was in the movie Enchanted and sang the song “So Close” in the scene at the ball near the end of the film.

Partway through his set, Jon invited the SK6ERS out to join him on a song.  It was a regular bromance up there!

As much as I love Jon, I was probably more excited for the SK6ERS if only because there’s a bit more energy in their performance.  If you’re not familiar with them, I have no pop culture reference to offer, so go to iTunes and check them out.  You’ll love them, I promise!

After Jon’s set, a few people wandered away from the stage, so Lindy and I scooted up.  We were crazy close to the band, so much that throughout most of the show, I easily could have reached out and touched Stephen.  I didn’t.  But, I could have.

Neither acts disappointed!  It was a great night of good, live music.  I wouldn’t have expected anything less from these two, though.

Jon came out after the show and said hey to the fans waiting around!

Major bummer that my picture turned out dark.  The flash was off and there was a long line of people waiting to talk with him, so I didn’t want to take any more of his time.  Ah well, such is life.

But, I did get myself some souvenirs after the show.  A perk of being so close to the stage, shall we say? 😉

Hopefully that wasn’t actually needed any longer…

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