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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on February 7, 2011

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Apparently my alarm was set for 8 am this morning, not the 6:20 it usually goes off.  Fortunately, I woke up before I was actually supposed to be at work, but it was still only 20 minutes before I needed to leave the house!  Thankfully I had showered and put together some of my lunch last night, so the whole situation was not nearly as bad as it could have been!  Nonetheless, not the greatest way to kick off a new week!


I had just enough time to inhale a  bowl of cereal before I dashed out the door.  I bought a box of vegan friendly Kashi Cinnamon Harvest yesterday that I paired with almond milk.  I don’t know that I truly tasted it, though, since I ate it so fast!

weigh in.

Since I wasn’t home to get on the scale for the past couple Sundays, I did my weigh in this morning (first one since January 23!).  Clearly I have my priorities when I’m in a mad rush to get to work!  It was a pleasant surprise!  I’ll be curious this time next week to see what a vegan lifestyle does to the scale!  Hopefully more good things!

last week weigh in: 160.2 | this week: 156.6 | change: -3.6 | overall: -76.4


A couple weeks ago I had bought a pre-made salad that I really enjoyed, so I grabbed another one yesterday.  I knew it’d be a great option to have on hand for this week!  It had a spring mix, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and pecans; I topped it with a balsamic vinaigrette.

I was really excited to see a bit display of grapes at the store yesterday!  They’ve had them all year long but this was the first time in quite a few months that they actually look like they’d taste good.  I eagerly grabbed a big bag!  They’re tart, but so good!!

I’ve got last night’s episode of Glee playing on Hulu while I work.  Sure, I stayed up (far too late) to watch it, but it’s good background noise!  I just have to make sure to not give into the temptation to start watching.  Listening at my desk is good.  Watching at my desk is not.

Gleeks, did you stay up to watch the new episode?  What did you think? I loved it!  Finn is such a good guy!!

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Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin February 7, 2011 at 1:48 pm

I’ve never watched Glee! It’s funny because I literally watch almost every other show on TV right now, but for some reason have never really gotten into Glee.


Amber from Girl with the Red Hair February 7, 2011 at 3:28 pm

Ooooh that cereal looks super good! I am not a huge cereal eater but that looks awesome!


Tracy @ Commit To Fit February 7, 2011 at 4:36 pm

I love cereal and that looks yummy! I am a few episodes behind in Glee, playing catch up tonight!


Jen @ Keepitsimplefoods February 7, 2011 at 4:38 pm

I was so sad I couldn’t stay up to watch the new Glee! Too tired to make it a late night. Congrats on your vegan accomplishment!


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