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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on February 23, 2011

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It was an I need a second day having a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast in a row kind of morning.  I was trying to convince myself to get something different, but when I got there, the usual order just popped out.  So good, I love it.

Randomly, the company that stocks our vending machines was in the building today giving out free samples of a ton of stuff.  I grabbed like three bags of cookies to keep in the food stash at my desk, but also jumped at the chance when they said the coffee machine was free for the time they were there.  I got some kind of caramel latte-esque drink.

Just the thing I needed this morning.  It definitely wasn’t Starbucks, but I’m not going to complain about free.  Plus, let’s be real, you truly can’t have high expectations when your coffee drink comes out of a vending machine.


Most days, I’m perfectly content to eat my lunch at my desk so I can blog and read a few other blogs.  I inevitably get interrupted because people (naturally) assume that since I’m at my desk, I’m working.  No big deal.  Today, though, was one of those days where I desperately needed to get away for a bit.  Regain my sanity.  Take some deep breaths.

I warmed up some of my leftover tofu from a couple nights ago.  I am really, really loving this way of preparing it!  Ranch dressing was not nearly as good to pair with it as BBQ though.  I ate a very large amount of green beans with it.

About two bites into my pom Chobani, I realized I really wasn’t hungry anymore.  I ate it anyways because I really didn’t want to let it go to waste.  It dawns on me as I write this now, I probably could have used some plastic wrap to cover it up and save for later in the week.  Oops.

Take some deep breaths ended up being my matra for the rest of the afternoon.  Getting away from my desk for just that brief time may have been the best decision I made all day.

For reals.

RELA night.

For my youth group, it was another RELA night, a chance to get out and do something different with my girls.  Remember last month when we went to On the Border?  Oh, that feels like so long ago! In keeping with the restaurant theme since it’s easy to do when I know my co-leader won’t be there, this time we hit up Pizza Hut.

We actually had to turn in our plans for the night two weeks ago, but it was perfect because I have been craving pizza all week long.

Our table split an order of cheesy breadsticks to start.  Bread?  Good.  Cheese?  Good. I had this serving…times two.

I got a veggie pizza thinking it’d be perfect for leftovers.  Some of it will definitely need to go in the freezer because I have 3/4 of it left.  Two slices were just enough.

Amazingly enough, though, I somehow found just enough room for one of the dessert breadsticks one my girls offered me.  What’s better than warm, gooey cheese on soft bread?  Chocolate.

I went for a quick run once we were all done.  By the time all the girls’ parents came and I got back downtown to the Y, it didn’t leave me a ton of time, but something was better than nothing!  I got a few miles in – not the most enjoyable with a belly full of pizza and coffee, but I kept a good pace and felt strong throughout.  I did 3 miles in 30:50 (10:17 pace).  I’ll take it.

And with that, dearies, I’m off to relax for a few before bed. 

What’s your favorite pizza place? We have some fabulous local pizza joints around Grand Rapids, but my favorite chain, by far, is Papa John’s.  That garlic sauce?  Ah-mazing.

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Kaitlin February 23, 2011 at 11:31 pm

i want a cheesy breadstick, stat! 🙂


Heather February 24, 2011 at 8:29 am

a) am now craving cheesy breadsticks. and a bagel. am so carby as of late! (and i am okay with that!)

b) i totally hear you on taking a break at my desk and people assuming im working. Ive been trying to force myself to go to the breakroom and read a book instead. it’s really helping me seperate myself from my work load for that hour.



Heather February 24, 2011 at 9:58 am

an hour and a half later….
im still craving garlic cheesy bread. like, i can’t stop thinking about it.
i have a feeling i will be placing a lunch order….



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