Herb and Fire Pizzeria Review

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on July 27, 2016

in My Grand Rapids,Reviews

Earlier this year, Herb & Fire Pizzeria opened their doors in Grandville’s Bucktown Shopping Center. As a self-declared pizza aficionado, I couldn’t wait to try this new casual dining option! Herb & Fire offers a menu of several signature pizzas, but the highlight for me was the Chipotle-esque create your own pizza bar! Starting with freshly made […]

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spring has sprung.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on March 25, 2012

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After a week or so of summer-like weather, we’re back to absolutely lovely spring weather.  Today is absolutely gorgeous out! Breakfast was – surprise, surprise – an egg and cheese sandwich.  I’m telling you though, it’s the jam that really takes the combination to a whole new level! I really wanted to be outside for […]


my first cheeseless pizza.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on July 2, 2011

in Vegan Month Challenge

My sister made flank steak salad for the family dinner last night, which left me on my own to experiment and fend for myself.  She had some homemade pizza dough in the fridge, so I made a cheeseless pizza for myself, topped with zucchini and onion.  I’ve never had pizza without cheese, so I really […]

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snail mail rules.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on June 23, 2011

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It’s been one of those weeks.  Overwhelmingly busy, exhausting, and stressful.  Top it off with a pretty persistent headache and I’m ready for the weekend.  All that said though, I’m remembering to count my blessings.  I have a job to go to forty hours a week, a roof over my head, food on my table, […]


better than the scale.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on May 5, 2011

in Weight Loss

I woke up a little after 6:00 this morning and had a complete freak out moment because I thought the clock said 8, not 6.  After jumping out of bed, I realized that I wasn’t, in fact, late for work.  Whew, panic attack averted!  I never quite fell back asleep, so I was up a […]


God bless the world.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on May 2, 2011

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Just as I was trying to figure out dinner last night, Sara got home and offered to split the DiGornio three cheese pizza her parents had sent back with her.  Twist my arm. Between the two of us, we polished it off, washed down with a beer; a Founders Pale Ale for me! I realized […]


in a rut.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on April 28, 2011

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I kind of forgot to eat dinner last night. Well, it wasn’t so much forget as I had a minor crisis to deal with.  I went to let the dogs in since they had been outside for a bit and they were both so completely dirty!  Thanks to the couple days of heavy rain, things […]


can’t catch a break.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on April 22, 2011

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Happy Earth Day AND Good Friday! The first service I ever went to at my church was on Good Friday and they called it the “Bad Friday” service because it’s actually a pretty bummer of a day when you really stop to think about it.  Easter is the good part! After work last night, I […]


pack it all away.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on February 26, 2011

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Today has been a long one.  I slept in a bit, but I’ve been on the go pretty much the entire day. This was pretty much the story of most my day: Packing!  Tomorrow is moving day!! I was ridiculously hungry this morning!  I doubled my sunflower seed butter toast and had two slices: one […]


migraine strikes again.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on February 24, 2011

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I woke up this morning with my second migraine of the week.  Boo!  I think I’m a bit more stressed than I want to admit.  I stayed at work most of the morning, hoping it would go away.  It mostly worked but lingered the majority of the day. As I was getting ready to head […]

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