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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on June 4, 2011

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It seems like a lot of the blog world is doing the same, but I’ve recently begun starting increasing strength training into my workout routines.  I stumbled across an article from Women’s Health not too long ago that completely struck a chord in me:  Lose Your Fear of Weight Lifting.  The article discusses several reasons why it’s a crucial aspect of any fitness routine.  Some of the points I loved were:

  • You’ll lose 40 percent more fat
  • Your diet will improve
  • You’ll handle stress better (um, hi! Stress eater, right here!)
  • You’ll get into shape faster – cardio isn’t the only form of aerobic exercise!

It’s definitely an article worth checking out!  Even more so, it reinforced my desire to make strength training the rule rather than the exception!  I still have room to grow before I can consider it a consistent habit, but I’m doing some now which is a vast improvement from the none I was at before!

I was still so full from all the food I ate during yesterday’s shopping excursion that I totally bypassed dinner last night.  I was not hungry at all – to the point that food sounded nauseating!

I spent most of the day at a surprise engagement party for Jacqueline and Scott at Jac’s parents’ house!  Neither of them were all that surprised, to be honest.  They both seemed to suspect something was going down.  Oh well.

I was pretty lame about actually taking any pictures – it was nice to just sit and enjoy the sunshine, company, food, and drinks.  It was about 85 and sunny, a perfect summer day!  They have a pool, but in the midst of packing for my current house sitting gig last night, I forgot to throw my suit in the bag.  I alternated between dangling my feet in the pool and sitting in the shade.  Some time in the water would have felt glorious, but still not too shabby of an afternoon!

Most of the guests at the party were family and some of the bridal party – but they were really thoughtful to invite me and Sara as well.  The perks of being the roommates, I suppose!

Jac’s mom made all the food and was very considerate to have a broccoli quiche dish for me and Sara (the two veggies in the crowd) since the main dish was meatballs.

I was bummed to have to cut out really early – the party felt like it was just getting going when I left!  But, I had to get back and feed the dogs dinner, so I left soon after we ate.  Lamesauce.  No big plans the rest of the night!

Do you like it when it’s super hot or super cold weather? I’m a big advocate for a hot summer!  I love being able to walk outside in my tank top, capris, and flip flops!

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