some call it carb loading.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on March 18, 2011

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It was such a quiet afternoon at work which made me really happy.  Most of the people in my department left early, so it was quiet not only in the sense of the calm after the storm, but in the nobody was really around.  After such a crazy week, I was ready to have a chance to catch up on a couple things I had pushed aside.

I did Jimmy John’s for lunch, again.  The thing with blogging about food?  You can see just how frequently you actually eat something.  I eat JJ’s a lot.  And the ironic part of it is that when I first tried it, I was really not a fan at all.  And now?  BIG fan.

I was able to sneak out a few minutes early today thanks to yesterday’s big event.  Out early on a Friday?  I’ll take it!  I ran a couple errands, then ended up heading back downtown to celebrate a co-workers birthday.

I made the tragic mistake of leaving my camera at home.  Boo!  It’s okay, you aren’t missing too much…friends, some alcohol, and a pesto alfredo penne pasta.  They had me at pesto!!

I was being a good little runner and carb loading for tomorrow’s race!  I’ve got a 5K in the morning – the Irish Jig!  It will be the first race I’ve actually done more than once.  I did it last year as well (and I’ll take this year’s warm-ish weather over last year’s cold and snow any time!!!).  It’s a pretty good course and I’m anxious to see if I can take a few seconds off my time!

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