too much dressing, not enough salad.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on July 25, 2010

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Today, I learned a little something about myself. I clearly have high aspirations that I will eat a lot of salad. But, given the total of five outdated bottles of salad dressing I found between the fridge and the cupboard this evening, clearly my thinking does not at all align with reality. Perhaps I should only buy one bottle at a time from now on?

My sister, the kids and I spent part of the afternoon at the pool. A couple they are friends with have a pool, so they invited us over for a swim. I always forget that swimming is a totally different type of exercise! I did some laps and by the end, I was starting to feel it! It definitely made me realize that if I seriously consider a triathlon, I’m going to have to log some serious hours in the water.

Before we headed to the pool, I had some leftover farro salad from yesterday’s dinner, the we snacked on some Chex Mix at the pool. I had another slice of coffeecake when we got home. Too many carbs!!

By the time I drove home and bought groceries for the week, I was starving! I threw together some guacamole for dinner. The tomato and onion was not as finely chopped as normal, but it still hit the spot.

I paired the guac with the best tortilla chips ever: El Matador. It’s a local company and I could eat copious amounts of their chips. The factory is actually only about a mile from my house!

The one bad thing about swimming is that I always get water in my ears, so I have to go douse my ear in hydrogen peroxide to dry it out. It’s a price I am willing to pay for some time in the water and sunshine!

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