by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on November 14, 2010

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The day of rest.

Today has been my sabbath day.  It’s a practice that I often tend to ignore and, in all honesty, I’m not really honoring the day like it’s intended.  Nonetheless, it’s been just what I needed.

I didn’t set my alarm for this morning and let myself wake up naturally.  Once I finally rolled out of bed, I used the rest of my pancake batter from early in the week to make a oversized breakfast.

My normal eating habits have been completely thrown off with this weekend’s wedding festivities.  I’m ready to get back in a regular routine, eating my regular foods.  This would probably be somewhat easier if I weren’t going to start house sitting again tomorrow.  Last time, I precooked a bunch of foods and only ate about half of it, so I’m not doing that this time around.  I’ll still prepare stuff, but I’ll do it while I’m there.  Or, I’ll eat a lot of Subway.  Either way.

I need to start drinking more water.  I definitely have not had nearly enough the past few days and I feel quite dehyrated.

Once I finally got moving, the day has been pretty chill.  I took the dog for a long walk (mostly so I could try out my new Garmin!  I can’t wait to get out for a run with it!).  I’ve been picking up around the house.  I met up with a friend for coffee.  Gotta enjoy the pumpkin spice while it’s still around for the season!

It’s been a quiet day, but just what I needed.  I am feeling (almost) ready to face another week!

How have you spent your weekend?

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movesnmunchies November 16, 2010 at 2:54 pm

mm those pancakes are making me drool!


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