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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on November 25, 2011

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When I was growing up, Crystal Light was a staple in my house.  I remember drinking it often – the strawberry orange banana flavor was my favorite.  At one point, I even had a pair of goldfish, one of which I named Crystal Light (I kid you not; to this day, I get flack from my family about that one).  The other was Dawn, from the character in the Baby Sitters Club books, so clearly I was a really cool kid.  But, that’s neither here nor there.

When I was recently offered to sample their new product line, Crystal Light Pure, I was so excited!  I’ve seen the product on the grocery store shelves, but had yet to buy any.

I received three flavors:  strawberry kiwi, grape, and a tropical blend.  The strawberry and grape are both “fitness” flavors, so they’re boosted with electrolytes.  I’ve loved drinking those flavors after workouts, particularly hot yoga!  The flavor is light and refreshing, while replenishing my body.  Plus, the Crystal Light Pure has no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives.  I try to eat a fairly clean diet, so that was a huge selling point!

What I love about the Crystal Light Pure on the go packets is that they’re a simple way to add a little something fun to my water.  Pour a packet into 16.9 ounces of water (my personal preferences is to use closer to 20.0 ounces), shake, and you’re good to go!

While all three were great, my favorite flavor was hands down the strawberry kiwi!  It wasn’t overly sweet, but added a nice taste to the water.

And, because who doesn’t love quick and easy tips to work towards better health?  Check out these hydration tips from Crystal Light Pure spokesperson Molly Kimball, RD

Keep a Tally:  We can’t actually tell how well we’re hydrated by how thirsty we feel. For many of us, by the time we start to feel thirsty, we’re already dehydrated, but just how much water is enough when it comes to staying hydrated? Keep a running tally of how much fluid you’re getting and aim for half of your body weight in ounces of fluid per day, plus an extra 16 ounces for every pound of sweat lost during exercise or work in the heat.

Flavor Up to Drink Up:  Want to drink water to stay hydrated, but hate the boring taste? Add the flavor you want and none of what you don’t by sipping on naturally sweetened Crystal Light Pure. It’s got no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives and is sweetened with sugar and Truvia, a natural sweetener derived from the stevia plant. It’ll give your water light, refreshing flavor with just 15 calories and 4 grams of sugar per serving. And the Grape and Strawberry Kiwi flavors have the added bonus of electrolytes!

Don’t Forget about Food: Staying well-hydrated is essential for maintaining optimal energy levels, preventing muscle cramping and headaches, and more serious issues like heatstroke. But that doesn’t mean you have to force down gallons of water or bottles of sugary sports drinks. Any type of alcohol-free beverage can count toward your fluid intake – and even some foods! Some of the top electrolyte-rich, hydrating foods include all types of fresh fruit, soups like gazpacho and Greek yogurt.

Watch the Caffeine:  For years, the widely-held belief was that caffeinated beverages were dehydrating. An abundance of research has proven otherwise, however. The amount of caffeine typically found in standard servings of tea, coffee, and soft drinks appears to have no diuretic effect, meaning that these beverages don’t cause us to lose more fluid than they provide. But remember that you don’t want the majority of your fluids to come from caffeinated drinks since most health organizations recommend we limit our caffeine intake. Instead, try to vary what you’re drinking.

Disclaimer: I received a sample of Crystal Light Pure from Kraft Foods; all opinions about the product are my own.

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Meg November 25, 2011 at 9:23 am

Love the healthy tidbits 🙂

My fave Crystal Light is definitely the lemonade! Strawberry Kiwi sounds fantastic, too 🙂
Meg recently posted..Giving thanks with pie.


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