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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on March 30, 2011

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Oh man, it’s been a go, go, go kind of day!  It was around 9:30 tonight by the time I finally got home, after leaving at 7:30 this morning!  Not my favorite kinds of days.


I ended up bringing breakfast to work with me because I completely lost track of time and had one of those “I had to be out the door 5 minutes ago” kind of mornings.

Since I didn’t have time to actually put anything together, I literally grabbed a box of cereal and a carton of almond milk on my way out the door!

I met up with my sister, Kris, for a really late lunch.  She was in the city for my nephew’s field trip and I was really needing to get out of the office for a bit and see a friendly face.  Since it was so late, I had a couple snacks to tide me over:  one healthy (Luna bar) and one not so healthy (knock off vanilla Oreos).

The company that stocks our vending machines was giving a bunch of stuff away a month or so ago, so the cookies were one of the things I grabbed.  As I was eating them today, I noticed why they were giving things away so readily.  See that November 23, 2010 expiration date?  Bingo!  I ate them anyhow.


By the time I finally got around to lunch, I was seriously ready for some food.  We went to the 4th Street Deli which is one place I love but haven’t gone to in ages. All of their sandwiches are named after local streets, parks, and landmarks around the city, which is so clever!  I had the Tenth Street which was curry tofu sundried tomato salad, carrot, broccoli, red cabbage, watercress, spinach, and teriyaki orange ginger mayo on a whole wheat wrap.

So. Freaking. Good.

Although, at that point, it’s quite possible I would have said the same thing about cardboard.


I took the girls I mentor bowling tonight because it was a RELA night where we go out and just hang out.  One of the other groups went bowling, as well, so we were in lanes next to each other which was a blasty!  It’s always great to hang out with my girls and some of the other leaders, like Hannah!

Don’t I look like a great bowler?  I was ready to rock and roll bowl.  😀

I’m really not.  At all.  It’s a miracle when I can break 100 in a game.  I did get a couple strikes tonight, though!

Part of the deal for the night included a couple slices of pizza for dinner.  I had to make a special request because everything they had was pepperoni, ham, etc, but they graciously made a cheese pizza for me!

I swung into Meijer for a couple things and left $100.00 later (although I did save over $40.00!).  But let’s be real, how much do I possibly need for just me?  I did buy vitamins which weren’t cheap, so I know that brought it up a bit.  I guess I don’t go shopping every week, so that helps a bit.  But, still!  That’s a ridiculous amount at the grocery store for 1 person.

Early morning meeting at the office tomorrow, so I’m off to bed!

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Christine @ Merf In Progress March 30, 2011 at 11:31 pm

I am a totally sucky bowler too. 100? Hah. Try 50. Seriously, I bowled a zero once. I was twelve. I cried.
Christine @ Merf In Progress recently posted..Feeding Children is Emotional


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