protein and salt cravings.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on March 16, 2011

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Since I was at the Betty White show last night, I missed Glee but thank God for DVR.  I watched it when I got home from work and loved it!  What a great episode – the original songs were so fun! I’ve currently got Hell to the No and Loser Like Me on repeat.

As soon as the episode was over, I realized it was later than I thought it was so I had to hustle to get to the church in time for Anthem.  I threw together a smoothie to drink on the road.  It had raspberry Chobani, frozen raspberries and strawberries, almond milk, Sun Warrior protein powder, a handful of spinach, and a spoonful of peanut butter.  Anyone else sense a protein theme going on here?!  I think I was craving it because I felt so much better after finishing this!

Apparently, in addition to the protein craving, I’m also really wanting salt right now.  I had a bag of Jimmy John’s potato chips at work, after the pretzels from earlier in the day.

Plus, I then stopped at Wendy’s with Jacqueline on the way home from church and got some french fries.  I feel like this wouldn’t be quite so bad if I had been drinking lots of water, but I have had less than 20 ounces all day!  I seriously need to amp up the water intake, especially with a couple races coming up!!

Okay, gotta go!  Crazy busy day at work tomorrow, so I need to attempt to be asleep before midnight…I’ve said that every night this week and it has yet to happen.  Maybe tonight will be the night.

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