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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on June 13, 2010

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Today is about two things: productivity and relaxation. A bit of an oxymoron, but true nonetheless. After not doing much around the house for the past week, I’m working on getting things picked up, washing sheets, vacuuming, stuff like that.

Before church and the mini cleaning spree, I had a serving and a half of cinnamon streusel Frosted Mini Wheats to finish off the box. I had it with almond milk which I just bought for the first time. I think I get enough soy in other parts of my diet, particularly when I eat meat substitute products, so I thought I’d give this a shot. The jury’s still out, but I think I like it better than soy milk.

For a mid-morning snack, I had a Luna protein bar. It was a free sample I had gotten; decent overall, but I think I’ll stick with regular Luna bars. I love my lemon zest!

In the midst of cleaning, I had a good summer-y lunch. Some Morningstar buffalo wings, corn on the cob, grapes, and a glass of lemonade. Buffalo wings were probably the one thing I miss about being vegetarian, so I was really glad to see a veggie-friendly kind! Not quite the same as the real thing, but good enough to satisfy a craving!

Now it’s time for relaxing…watching the World Cup!!! Australia versus Germany today; the Aussies are my team for this game! Gotta root for the underdog! Love, love, love some good fĂștbol! Are you watching the World Cup? Who are you rooting for?

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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dorrybird June 13, 2010 at 3:10 pm

Mindy – I’m a huge almond milk fan! I buy Almond Breeze and love that there’s a small amount of healthy fat in each serving but zero sugars. I use it on cold cereal and put a bit in my oatmeal as well. My fiancĂ© is obsessed with the World Cup – something I wasn’t aware of since we met way after the last World Cup in 2006. I have to root for USA!


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