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I spent my weekend at the Mars Hill Students leaders retreat and now that I’m home, I’m super exhausted, but feeling very refreshed at the same time.

I can’t quite find the words to describe how restorative this weekend was for my soul and spirit, how it challenged me, how it made me think.  Also, the pictures don’t do any of it justice. I’ll do my best. Here we go…

It’s one of those go, go, go kind of weekends right from the time we arrive at the camp.  It’s also one of those eat, eat, eat kind of weekends. Between meals and snacks, I feel like all I did was eat!  And, enjoy the beautiful campgrounds!  Seriously, how stunning is this?!

The theme of the weekend was meaning that in youth ministry, we have to be just as concerned about the future faith of our students as we are the present faith.  We have to think about the people they’ll be tomorrow, but also who they’ll be when they’re 30 years old, 50, and so on.

There were lots of sessions and opportunities to learn. While I love the entire staff, one of them is freaking brilliant.  I could listen to Steve talk all the time and be completely fascinated.

But, of course, part of a retreat is about having fun and bonding!  And what better way to do that than with megabox wars?!  What are megabox wars, you may be asking.  Well, let me tell you.

Step one:  each team gets an empty refrigerator box, tapes down the flaps on one end with duct tape, reinforces the sides and bottom with more duct tape.


Step two:  use spray paint to decorate said box with a hipster theme.

Step three:  several hours later, after the sun has set and the paint has dried, team members take turn putting the box over their heads so they can’t see and run across a super slippery tarp while people from other teams are doing the same thing.

Step four:  don’t die or land yourself into the hospital.

It is as completely ridiculous as it sounds!  I’m more of a spectator when it comes to megabox wars.  I’m super claustrophobic and just the thought of putting the box over me makes me anxious!  It’s such a blasty to watch everyone else go though!

We also played Minute to Win It Sixty Seconds [or so] to Achieve Success Saturday night.  My team (all the sophomore class leaders) lost miserably, but we had fun doing it!

One thing I love about our youth ministry (and my church in general) is that they empower everyone to be a pastor, not just whoever is standing on stage with a microphone.

We are all pastors. A fresh word about God can be spoken by anyone.
Rob Bell

The student ministries staff believes that as their LifeGroup (read: small group) leaders, we have more opportunities and influence to pastor the students than they do because we’re the ones journeying with them much more closely.

I think that’s really cool.

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Bethany S September 11, 2011 at 9:56 pm

Love this post! Thank you for capturing the steps of Super Box Boxy Places with such detail!


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