powerflex, round two.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on May 31, 2011

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I went to my second Powerflex class tonight!  Last week, I didn’t know what to expect, so I kept the weights a bit light.  I knew that at some points, particularly upper body, I could handle a little more.  My barbell weight ranged from 13-18 pounds depending on the muscle group and hand weights were consistently at a set of 7.0 pounds.  By the end of the class I was definitely feeling it, but if last week was any indication, tomorrow and Thursday will be the days I really feel it!

Just before leaving work, I snacked on a few pretzels.

I had every intention of going to see Jimmy Eat World play tonight.  I even rescheduled the virtual book club meeting with Amy, Andi, and Kayla so I could go.  But, once I got done with class, I didn’t have the energy for it and had no desire to be out late.  Since I was just buying a ticket at the door anyhow, I didn’t feel too bad about not going (although I was really excited to see a great band).  Sorry book club ladies for making you reschedule for nothing!  Don’t hate me!  🙂

I broke out a quintessential summer food for dinner:  corn on the cob with some Earth Balance, salt, and pepper.  I had some Gardein crispy tenders to go with it.  Topped with Sweet Baby Ray’s, of course!  (Best barbecue sauce ever!)

It would have been ideal for them to finish cooking at the same time; that didn’t quite happen.  Not even close, actually.  The corn was done a solid 20 minutes faster.  Ah well, such is life.

I’ve never had the Gardein brand, but I really liked it, particularly that the ingredients are all real food products, not chemicals compared to most meat substitute products.  Two thumbs up!


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