The Final Countdown: Week 1


I’m determined to get back in the swing of posting my weekly weigh-ins. I’m even more determined that this will be the time I finally reach my goal of 133. So, the incredibly unoriginal series The Final Countdown launches today! If I’m being really honest, this is an easy way to not think of a post title each week. […]

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5 Reasons to Join a StepBet


I am always on the lookout for ways to incentivize my health and fitness. I might be a health coach and personal trainer, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a little extra motivation! One of the recent things I’m obsessed with is betting on myself with StepBet games. The majority of the games are a $40 […]

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5 Podcasts to Listen to While Running


For years, I listened only to music while I was working out. I curated some killer running playlists. I can crush a finely tuned balance of driving rock beats and energizing pop ear candy. I’ve listened to podcasts in my day-to-day life for a couple years now. However, it’s only in the last six months […]

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Chicago Marathon Training: Week 7


As of last week’s post, training is in a funky place, largely fueled by the funky mood I was living with. I knew that if I jumped right back in where my plan left off, it wouldn’t end well. Be it, injury or at the very least frustration leading to apathy. I was already feeling […]

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This Time Is Different


A month ago, I swore I was going to get back in the habit of weekly weigh-in posts. It wasn’t so much because I love sharing my weight in such a public forum, but because the accountability to myself make such a difference. June 16 was my last weigh-in post and it’s now July 20. […]

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Chicago Marathon Training: Weeks 5 and 6


The last two weeks were a bit of a roller coaster in my marathon training journey. Week five started out okay, but the wheels started to fall off by the end of the week. As I shared during yesterday’s coffee date, I ended up really taking last week off to regroup, not just physically, but […]

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Coffee Date


Hi friend! Thanks for meeting up with me for a coffee date; it’s been far too long since we’ve really caught up, hasn’t it? I think I’m going to opt for an iced coffee. Since it’s July in Michigan, more days than not are hot and humid. I know we have nothing on my friends […]

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Chicago Marathon Training: Week 4


As I was writing this post, I realized I ran 59 miles in June! It’s been a long time since I’ve diligently (or even half-assed) tracked my workouts, so just knowing that number feels significant. But, more importantly, I know it’s been at least two years since I had a month with those kinds of […]

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Chicago Marathon Training: Week 3


I’m a week behind, guys. This post is actually for the week of June 19, but life got crazy and I neglected to finish writing it up and publish it! My week four recap is going live tomorrow. If I’m being honest, I have so many ideas for the blog swirling around in my head, […]

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Chicago Marathon Training: Week 2


I think it’s just part of the marathon training game, but my head was all over the place this week. One day, I feel so confident and know I’m going to absolutely crush this race. The next, marathons are terrible and I don’t want to do this. Hopefully, I have more feelings of the latter […]

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