February 2017 Goals


Happy February! I can’t believe how fast January flew by (but, then again, I say that about every single month!). Although I didn’t have quite the strong start for my goals that I would have liked, in so many ways, 2017 is already kicking 2016’s butt. Overall, I feel happier and just in a better […]

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Whole30 Update: Week 3


With just about a week left in my Whole30 challenge, the end is in sight! So, let’s talk about week 3! Previous posts: I’m Doing the Vegetarian Whole 30, Week 1, and Week 2 What I Ate As dairy is not allowed on Whole30, this challenge seemed like the perfect time to transition to a vegan diet. […]

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2017 Workouts, Week 4


Confession: last week was exceptionally unremarkable. I worked out one time. Yes, that right. One time. It wasn’t for lack of want, but sheer lack of energy. This Whole30 challenge is great in a lot of ways, but that “tiger blood” sensation never really kicked in for me. Most days right now consist of going […]

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Reading List, Volume 58


If you want more to read, check out previous editions of the reading list! Health and Fitness In my health coach training, I learned about the idea of bioindividuality – what works for your body may not work for mine. Greatist shares an example of this with one woman’s story of how the Paleo diet backfired […]

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Whole30 Update: Week 2


And, just like that I’m halfway through my Whole30 challenge! Previous posts: I’m Doing the Vegetarian Whole 30 and Week 1 Update What I Ate Smoothies continue to be a staple of my diet. It feels a little weird drinking them in the middle of winter, but they’re a great way to get in a bunch of […]

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2017 Workouts, Week 3


I struggled two weeks ago with a notable lack of energy from Whole30. Fortunately, last week was an improvement! I’m ultimately using this month to get back into a consistent workout routine and that gradual build feels right. After such burnout in 2016, the last thing I wanted was to jump all in and get hurt. […]

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Reading List, Volume 57


If you want more to read, check out previous editions of the reading list! Health and Fitness There is a growing movement amongst physicians and health care institutions to use nutritional changes as a treatment or prevention method for disease, and it makes me so happy. This NPR report goes into more detail about how […]

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Whole30 Update: Week 1


I survived the first week of Whole30! Earlier this month, I wrote about the whats and whys of vegetarian Whole30. What I ate Going into the challenge, I knew from many people that meal planning and food prep is crucial to succeeding. I’ve tried meal planning in the past, but it’s never really worked for […]

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2017 Workouts, Week 2


I’m just going to cut to the chase. It was a rough week, largely in part due to Whole 30. I’ll get deeper into that in tomorrow’s post, but the majority of the week, I felt completely miserable. I had anywhere from a dull headache to a migraine, and was completely exhausted (the three night […]

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Reading List, Volume 56


If you want more to read, check out previous editions of the reading list! Health and Fitness. Although I’m in the early days of this training cycle, these 6 Ways to Change Your Running for the Better in 2017 provided some good food for thought. I particularly agreed with the importance of embracing positivity. Running is […]

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