Chicago Marathon Training: Weeks 5 and 6


The last two weeks were a bit of a roller coaster in my marathon training journey. Week five started out okay, but the wheels started to fall off by the end of the week. As I shared during yesterday’s coffee date, I ended up really taking last week off to regroup, not just physically, but […]

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Coffee Date


Hi friend! Thanks for meeting up with me for a coffee date; it’s been far too long since we’ve really caught up, hasn’t it? I think I’m going to opt for an iced coffee. Since it’s July in Michigan, more days than not are hot and humid. I know we have nothing on my friends […]

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Chicago Marathon Training: Week 4


As I was writing this post, I realized I ran 59 miles in June! It’s been a long time since I’ve diligently (or even half-assed) tracked my workouts, so just knowing that number feels significant. But, more importantly, I know it’s been at least two years since I had a month with those kinds of […]

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Chicago Marathon Training: Week 3


I’m a week behind, guys. This post is actually for the week of June 19, but life got crazy and I neglected to finish writing it up and publish it! My week four recap is going live tomorrow. If I’m being honest, I have so many ideas for the blog swirling around in my head, […]

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Chicago Marathon Training: Week 2


I think it’s just part of the marathon training game, but my head was all over the place this week. One day, I feel so confident and know I’m going to absolutely crush this race. The next, marathons are terrible and I don’t want to do this. Hopefully, I have more feelings of the latter […]

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I Feel More Myself Today


Since I shared about my big weight loss goal for the summer, I thought it would be fitting to get back to sharing weight loss updates. To “finally” reach my goal weight has been on my radar for years. Yet, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this focused on making it a reality. […]

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Chicago Marathon Training: Week 1


My first week of training for the Chicago Marathon is in the books! The last race I properly trained for, and completed, was the 2015 Bayshore Marathon. There have been races since then, but that was the last that I felt confident in my training, even if that cycle got a bit off course near […]

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Chicago Marathon Training Plan


I officially start my Chicago Marathon training plan this week! My last two marathon experiences did not go according to plan, with two DNFs and a trip to the ER. I am desperate for redemption and I’m excited to take on the Windy City in October. Historically, I followed Hal Higdon’s plans for training. But, every […]

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June 2017 Goals


Oops! I haven’t set monthly goals since February. I started the year so strong, but everything with my grandma this spring really changed my priorities and motivation for awhile. And, as it should have. But, I’m feeling back on track in so many ways and I know that setting monthly goals really helps keep me […]

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The Deal I Made with Lewis Howes


I put my money where my mouth is when it comes to my weight loss efforts this week. While I was running on Monday, I listened to a recent episode of The School of Greatness. Lewis Howes was interviewing a pastor named John Gray, and one of the topics that came up was how John is […]

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