oh hey, betty white.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on March 15, 2011

in Grand Rapids

I had one of the coolest opportunities of my entire life tonight:  I sat in the same room as Betty freaking White and listened to her tell stories about her life and career.

But we’ll get to that soon enough.  First, how about we talk about the earlier part of the day?  Because clearly food and my workout debate are as intriguing as seeing someone as legendary as Betty White.

Despite having a really late lunch, I was still hungry.  Probably because toast and yogurt are not really a quality lunch.  I had a carrot cake Larabar.  Definitely one of my favorite flavors of the Lara brand.

My original plan for the day after work was run, shower at the Y, get a quick dinner downtown, then head to see Betty.  Midday, I realized that I forgot to grab my ticket before I left the house this morning.  I tried to decide which route to take.  Option A:  run, come home to get ready, grab my ticket, and eat something completely junky on the trip back downtown.  Option B:  go home, make a quality, healthy dinner, then head back downton.

Thanks to a quick Twitter poll, I decided to go with Option A.  Then I got in the car, psyching myself up, and literally started crying at the thought of going to run.  So, I headed home instead.  It was such a crazy go-go-go kind of day that I just couldn’t hack that pace the rest of the night.  Just couldn’t do it.

So, I reneged and went with Option B after all.  I got home and went to grab the ticket…and it wasn’t there.  I start searching my room, trying to remember where I could have put it when I moved.  I search to no avail.  Finally, I find it.  In my wallet.  I had the thing with me the whole time after all!  Ahh, shoot.

Ticket found.  Crisis averted.  Time for a good dinner.

Appetizer:  homemade guacamole.  I had an avocado that was fading fast, so it was at the use it or lose it point in time.  I heart guac.

Main dish:  couscous with tomato, cucumber, garlic, and pecans.  YUM.  The pecans were a great addition to a salad I’ve made before.  A nice little crunchy touch.  I put it on a bed of spinach and drizzled it all with some roasted garlic dressing.  All around, a good choice, if I do say so!

After chatting with roommate Sara for awhile and drinking one of her beers, it was time to head downtown for Betty White!!!  She was the main event for LaughFest – the same lineup that Bill Cosby was in town for when I saw him on Sunday night.

She is absolutely one of the coolest people in the entire world.  She is so kind, spunky, and humble.

She talked about working on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls, and her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live.  She talked a lot about her love of animals and the environment, but even more so about how much she loved her husband.  She only talked for about an hour, but it was one of the coolest things ever.  She is such an icon, so legendary.  To be able to see her live and in person was such an honor.

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Theodora March 16, 2011 at 5:21 pm

I would have had a hard time not rushing the stage to give her a big hug!


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