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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on March 14, 2011

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Naturally, the time to switch up your workout routine is less than two weeks before a big race.  I ran 2.0 miles after work (20:59; 10:29 pace) and decided I need to start incorporating strength training again.  I know that it’s an important part of a fitness routine and will ultimately help my running.  When I did a boot camp class in the fall, I felt considerably more fit than I do now.  You can’t run yourself toned.  I know I need to do it, I just don’t know that today was the day to start doing it.

I did keep it pretty short (20 or so minutes) and stuck to core and arms, but there was this part of me that couldn’t help thinking “be careful…now is not the time to injure yourself“.  Even that 20 minutes was enough to remind me that I feel stronger and healthier with that time of exercise in my life.  That, and yoga.  I’ve been seriously slacking on that front too, and I miss it.

I skipped Zumba because I wanted to get home a bit early.  My pastor, Rob Bell, is in New York doing publicity for his new book and one of the events was a webcast that I was anxious to see.  Then, I got home, started chatting with the roommates, and missed it.  The power of the Internet, though?  I can watch it anytime and share it with y’all! (Note that if you do watch it, nothing really happens until about the 10:00 minute mark…skip to there…)

On the book, it’s called Love Wins, and he’s more or less gotten raked over the coals for it. Keep in mind that most people doing the raking haven’t actually read the book and are basing their thoughts and opinions on a video clip and an excerpt. I only wish that people would wait to hold their judgment until they read it (yet, I can’t help but think…are the people being critical going to pick up a copy? Probably not.). But, if you’re at all interested in/curious about it, it comes out tomorrow (Tuesday, March 15). Rob is amazing at stirring the pot, asking thought provoking questions, and really making you think. The very basic premise behind the book is God is LOVE. I know that much about it, but I’ll definitely be sharing my thoughts after I read the book.

Anyways, once I realized I wasn’t catching the webcast, it was time to figure out dinner. I threw together some sweet potato and parsnip fries when I got home, but quickly realized I needed something to eat sooner than those would be ready.  I ate some leftover deep dish pizza in the meantime.

And then enjoyed the fries awhile later.  Except I wasn’t paying close attention and they ended up a little well-done.  The burnt parts are still good, though!

I filled out my March Madness bracket today!  I’ll be honest….I really never have any logic behind the teams I pick.  I think I’d probably have more luck throwing darts and picking that way.  But, it’s still fun to join in.  I have North Carolina winning the whole thing for no other reason than I’ve liked the Tarheels since I was a teenager.  No real reason.  I just like them.

Are you feeling out a bracket?  Who do you have winning the tourney?

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Katie @ cooklaughmove March 15, 2011 at 9:41 am

Hey! I saw your comment on a Happy Healthier Bear about the Riverbank Run! Are you running it this year? I”m signed up for it, but struggling with my training, so I’m not sure of the end result. Just nice to see a fellow Michigan blogger 🙂


mindy @ just a one girl revolution. March 15, 2011 at 9:46 am

Hey Katie! I am running! Last year was my first time doing the full – it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but it was an amazing feeling to finish! Keep up with the training, you’ve still got a couple months! You’ll do great!


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