nkotbsb (round two) in chicago.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on June 20, 2011

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Life has felt super crazy busy, hectic, and all over the place these past few days!

After Friday’s on the go kind of day, I headed down to Chicago Saturday morning.  It’s a pretty quick drive from Grand Rapids (a little over three hours) and every time I make the trip down, I can’t help but think that I don’t get to the city enough!  It’s only once or twice a year (not nearly enough in my book!).

I met up with my friend Jessica who lives in Indiana for the weekend.  This adventure started out with an early dinner at the always delicious Gino’s East!  There’s nothing like a trip to the Windy City without some Chicago style deep dish pizza!

We split a small vegetarian which was absolutely delish!

After Gino’s was a venture over to heaven lululemon athletica.  I had to take advantage of being in a city with a lulu, it just doesn’t happen all the time!  I bought a new spirit tank.

The real purpose of the trip was not Gino’s or lulu, but a second time seeing the NKOTBSB concert!  Our seats weren’t as good as the first time I saw the show when they were in Grand Rapids a few weeks back, but it was still a blasty!  I lurve those boys men!

There were a couple changes from the Grand Rapids show – they cut Bye Bye Love from their latest album and replaced it with Get Down from their debut album which was a fun change!  They also added introductions near the end – a Backstreet Boy introduced a New Kid and vice versa.

Sunday, I was up early for a 5.0 mile run.  I didn’t plan ahead well enough to bring anything to eat before geting going, so by the end of the run, I was burnt out.  I finished in 59:20 (11:52 pace) – a bit slower than I would have liked.  Without fuel and my knee starting to hurt by the end, I did more walking at the end.  Nonetheless, I got it done!

After showering and getting ready to head home, Jess and I ventured down to the hotel restaurant from some breakfast.  I was crazy hungry and was sold when I saw pancakes on the menu!  I subbed a fruit cup in place of the bacon/sausage that would normally come with the meal.

I had dinner with my dad and stepmom for Father’s Day.  I just had a salad with spinach, apples, cranberries, and pecans.  I asked for it without chicken (which it normally comes with) and was less than thrilled when I got a couple bites in and realized there was actually chicken on there.  Lamesauce.

I woke up this morning with a migraine.  Lamesauce, part two.  I went into work late (and only went in at that point because I had a meeting I couldn’t miss).  I’m feeling better at this point, but not back to 100%.  I’ll get there.

Whew, I think that catches up on life over the last couple of days!  Lots of fun!

What’s your favorite city to visit? I love Chicago for its proximity to Grand Rapids, but San Francisco, Washington DC, Miami, and New York are other favorites.  There’s still so many places I want to see though (Seattle, Portland, Boston…I could go on for awhile!).  Let’s not even get started on places outside of the United States!

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