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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on November 12, 2011

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Happy Saturday!  It’s a warm(ish), sunny day here in Grand Rapids and I am loving what is likely the last beautiful weekend of the year!  It makes me want to be outside all day long (if only I didn’t have things to get done!).

Rewind to last night – I started with a small salad and used a new basil lime dressing!  It was great and I think it’d taste amazing with a taco salad.

I also made Fun Nuggets, a recipe recipea from Mama Pea‘s awesome book, Peas and Thank You (affiliate).  I’ve had her book on my shelf since it came out earlier this year and haven’t made anything from it until today!

I made a couple alterations to the recipe, based on what I had in the kitchen – namely using flour instead of Panko breadcrumbs.  I should have pressed the tofu longer, but otherwise I think this one is a winner!

I had to eat quick and get out the door because I was hanging out with my girls from Anthem to work on hats!  Every November, Anthem simulates a microfinance bank, giving each student and leader a $5 loan to come up with a fundraising project.  Each week, $1 is repaid (along with the profits).  My girls made hats last year and wanted to do them again this year.

I made an adorable pink hat for a baby!

Please feel free to check out the Etsy site that one of the girls put together!  I am so proud of these girls!  It was a long night, but fun and fulfilling!

This morning was wonderful – I read in bed for an hour or so, before getting up and finally moving around.  I had my standard pre-long run fuel of toast with sunflower seed butter, chocolate chips, and chia seeds.  It was so good that I remembered with one bite left to snap a picture!  Heh.

My 3.0 mile run was rough!  It’s the furthest distance I’ve gone in months and by the end, I was doing 1 minute run/1 minute walk intervals.  I wasn’t concerned about time, just distance.  At just under 36 minutes, it was slower than I would have liked, but I finished!

The rest of the day has been quite productive!  I’ve got laundry going, went to the bank and library, and even waterproofed my Uggs for winter.  And don’t forget lunch!  I threw together a sandwich with a Boca chick’n patty, some cheddar cheese, spicy mustard, spinach, and tomatoes.

Time to catch up on this week’s Biggest Loser before heading out for the evening!

How’s your Saturday going?  

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