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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on March 10, 2011

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It’s been quite a lovely afternoon/evening! A lovely way to wrap up another Thursday if I must say!

Let’s recap, shall we?

I was dead on in my lunch wasn’t enough and I’ll be hungry again really soon line of thinking.  Although, perhaps thinking that made the hunger more in my head than true hunger?  I ate, either way.  I had some lemon Chobani and a bowl of green grapes.  It was the last of the lemon.  Sad face.

I think grapes always look pretty in photographs.  Fruit in general, actually.  But, maybe I’m weird for that.  Probably so.

After work I headed to the Y.  It’s really starting to hit me how close the National Half Marathon is!  Just a bit over two weeks away!!  Yikes!!  I did 4.0 miles on the track until it started getting too full, then switched to the treadmill for the last 1.0 mile.  All in all, I did 5.0 miles in 55:25 (11:05 pace).

I swung by the local health food store to restock on chia seeds (!!!) – I still hadn’t replenished them since I ate up the last bag before the move.  I’m excited to start incorporating these little guys into my meals again!

Dinner was quick and easy once I got home.  It was after 7 pm and I was ready to collapse on the couch.  I threw together a peanut butter and jelly with some Smuckers strawberry preserves that I picked up when I was grocery shopping.  They seemed a bit more natural than a jam or jelly.  They were quite tasty!

I had some popcorn while watching the new Big Bang Theory.  It would have been much more enjoyable had I not burnt a bunch of it.  Still getting used to different appliances, I guess!  The microwave we’ve got now works fast!

I’ve spent a good majority of the rest of the evening eating up The Hunger Games.  I am so hooked!!!  I’ve only got 40 or so pages left.  It’s getting late, but I want to finish it tonight!  I need to know what happens!

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