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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on July 10, 2011

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Sunday night, already!  My, my, it always comes around so quickly, doesn’t it?  I’m currently playing the songs from Kelly Clarkson’s upcoming album that leaked.  There’s four total (one here and four here) and they are making me SO excited for the new album!  I might talk a lot about being a huge fan of others (namely Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood), but Kelly is by far my absolute favorite artist!  I even had the chance to meet her several years back.  One day when I’m really motivated, I’ll scan in the picture to share, since this happened back before I had a digital camera.

I had a really great, family-filled weekend.  I headed to my hometown yesterday for my cousin, Sarah’s, baby shower.  I last saw her at the end of April when my mom’s whole side of the family got together.  At that point, she was just starting to show and now, with only about six weeks until her due date, she has really started to pop!  I’m excited to have another baby around the family!

After the shower, many of us headed out to Snug Harbor for an early dinner to celebrate my sister, Nicki’s, birthday which was also yesterday.  (Happy birthday, big sister!  I love you!).

I had the vegetable lo-mein which was one of the only truly vegan options on the menu and it was pretty good.  A little extra flavor would have really put it over the top.

I’ve had my oldest niece, Katie, with my for the majority of the weekend which was such a treat!  I love the time I get to spend with my nieces and nephews!  We stopped at Bagel Beanery this morning for breakfast.  I was a little saddened that I couldn’t get my normal cream cheese, but they had peanut butter, so that was a good second.

Church was a great service this morning, mainly because our old worship leader, Aaron, was back to serve as a “guest” leader.  I was crushed when he left a few years back and I love every time he returns!  He actually led last weekend, too, but since I was out of town I missed out.

The main reason Katie was hanging out with me was so she could cash in her Christmas gift of a movie and lunch at a restaurant of her choice.  I gave her siblings the same gift:  I went with Jacob to see TRON: Legacy in January, then Sarah and I saw Soul Surfer in April.  Katie’s movie of choice was Monte Carlo which was a cute, albeit predictable, movie.  It’s a story about three young women vacationing in Paris when one (Selena Gomez) is mistaken for a British heiress and the hijinks that ensue from there.  The highlight for me was definitely that Cory Montheith (Finn on Glee) was one of the lead roles!

Her lunch choice was Olive Garden.  Not high on my list of favorites, but it was her day and I aim to please!  With a belly full of popcorn, I wasn’t super hungry (nor is Olive Garden super vegan friendly…), so I went with the standard soup and salad.

I had such a wonderful time this weekend with my family, particularly spending so much time with Katie!  After grocery shopping, bringing Katie home, and doing a little cooking for the week, it’s practically time for bed!  Well, I think I’ll sneak in an episode or two of Make It or Break It before heading to bed.  I am so close to finishing up season two and dying to know what happens!  It’s getting more intense with every episode and each one gets me a little more hooked than the last!

How was your weekend?  Any highlights?

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