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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on June 14, 2011

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Mid-afternoon, one of my co-workers randomly went out a bought cupcakes.  She had a Groupon for Little Pearl Cupcake burning a whole in her pocket, so she used it on us!  I’m not complaining!

How delish do these look?

As much as I lurve red velvet, I wanted to try something else as well, so I went halvsies with half a red velvet and a half a chocolate chip.  The frosting on the red velvet was just a bit too sugary; I like my cream cheese frosting!

It was a nice afternoon snack; plus a little extra incentive to get my booty to the gym after work!

Tonight was the first time I’ve done a run and Powerflex in one night.  I tried to squeeze in the entire 3.0 miles before Powerflex and just about a mile in, realized there wasn’t enough time.  Once I had 1.0 mile in, I had time to grab a bottle of Gatorade and not rush before class.

Powerflex killed me tonight.  It was the first time I’ve done any strength since class two weeks ago; between that and upping some of the weights, I was feeling it by the end.  That being said though, I’m definitely feeling much more confident in the class and it makes me want to keep up with strength.  I want some killer arms by the end of summer!

I finished up the last 2.0 miles of my run afterwards and let me just say, running before Powerflex is much easier than running after!  My legs were not having it, but I sucked it up and finished strong (the last 0.1 mile was at 8:34 pace!).  I finished the 3.0 miles in a 33:04 (11:01 pace).  I’m slowly getting back up to where I want to be, just taking it one run at a time, taking care of my knees.

For dinner, I added some avocado to the leftover bean, tomato, onion mix I threw together over the weekend.  It was great to begin with, but the avocado made it awesome!

Eaten with some of my favorite tortilla chips ever.  I heart Trader Joe’s.

Time to watch The Voice!  I’m so hooked on this show!

Have you been watching The Voice?  What do you think of it? I like show a lot (it’s a welcome change from American Idol), but sometimes I feel like they make it more complicated than they need to.

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