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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on May 16, 2011

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I woke up this morning and just could not fathom that it was already Monday!  Weekends just go so fast, don’t you think?

I threw together an apple yogurt mess with warming up an apple sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar in the microwave, and topping with 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1/2 cup vanilla Chobani, and 1 tablespoon chia seeds.

On the drive in, I stopped at Biggby for a grande soy caramel marvel.  I was really sad to learn once I got to work and realized that it’s crazy high in Weight Watchers points; far more than any coffee drink should be.  But, within minutes of Tweeting about it, I had several of their staff offering suggestions of how to make it lower in points.  This is why I love the Biggby brand!  Well, just one of many reasons.

I’m trying really hard to cut down on my coffee intake and it’s so hard!  I love my coffee!  But, I know I was drinking far too much of it.  I’m not quite ready for a full detox, but I’m ready to at the very least limit how much of it I drink.

I met up with my sister, Kris, for lunch.  We went to JD Reardon’s because every time I had been there, they had pad Thai which sounded so good!  I had my heart set on that dish, so imagine my devastation when we got there and it’s not on the menu anymore!  Sadface.  I had the portabella mushroom sandwich instead.  Not quite the same, but the side of kettle chips helped redeem the meal a bit.

I brought my workout clothes with me today, but ended up not going.  By the end of the day, I was hurting and the thought of an hour of dancing at Zumba sounded far from appealing.  Instead, a trip to the library was in order.  I had some books to return and one on hold.  I managed to leave with not just one book, but four.  While I’m excited to read all of them, Sweet Valley Confidential just might be the one I’m most excited about.  I loved the exploits of the Wakefield twins as I was growing up!

Since I was home early, I took it upon myself to make a quality dinner!

Tonight’s lesson learned:  read the entire recipe before actually doing any cooking or preparation.  I got it in my mind that I wanted to try my hand at eggplant parmigiana, so when I did my grocery shopping yesterday, I picked up an eggplant and some marinara sauce.  I did some searching around and found a good recipe to follow.  All was fine until I realized that everything for the breaded coating was not actually supposed to go all in the same bowl, and I ended up with a big doughy mess that didn’t actually coat the eggplant.

Other discoveries include that the eggplant truly is better sans skin and should be cut into smaller slices than I did (about 1/2″ was too big).  Also, baking it at 400 degrees at 30 minutes was not quite long enough, although I think that’s in large part to the slices being too large.

Despite all of that, it actually turned out pretty decent.  I’ll give it another shot sometime accounting for all the aforementioned lessons and share the recipe!

Tonight, it’s off to bed early!  Sleeping in and napping yesterday threw me off, so come time for bed, I could not sleep!  I need to get myself back on a normal schedule.

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