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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on February 13, 2011

in Vegan for a Week

The great thing about long run days?  I can eat so much food!  I really hadn’t been hungry until it hit me around 7 pm and I had that I could eat a cow type of feeling!  Except since I’m vegetarian, maybe it’s more of a I could eat a lot of tofu?  That doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, now does it?

I had some refried beans and guacamole that needed to be eaten up, so I added a little salsa and called it good.

I gave the single serving of apple crisp another shot.  I had better luck than I did the other morning, but it’s still not quite right.  I think getting the right size dish to cook in would help.  It’s getting there.

I had a couple groups of friends invite me out last night but I was so exhausted that I was lame and stayed in for the evening.  I watched part of When Harry Met Sally.  It seemed like a good Valentine’s weekend type of movie and I had never actually seen it.  (I know, it’s a classic!).  I have about 30 minutes left to watch but I love it!  Netflix Instant Queue is a great thing.


I normally go to the early (9 am) service at church.  I prefer getting out at 10:30 and having the majority of the day still ahead of me rather than getting out at 12:30 and feeling like half the day is shot.  Today, though, I wanted to sleep a bit longer and opted for the 11 am service.  Fantastic choice.

I grabbed a bowl of cereal as I was getting ready.  I like leisurely mornings.  You would think a leisurely morning would allow for a more elaborate breakfast than cereal, but that felt like too much work.

Church was a great service this morning.  Who knew such a downer of a book like Ecclesiastes (lots of use of the word meaningless) could actually make a fantastic series?  And speaking of church, my pastor had a great article on CNN this morning about how our plans are not always where our life will actually take us.


After church I headed to my sister’s for lunch.  Well, first I stopped at the car wash because it’s SO nice out and I wanted to take advantage of it to clean the dirt and salt off my car.  It’s sad when low 40s is nice, but welcome to life in Michigan!  I’m absolutely loving these temperatures!  When I walked out of the house this morning, it smelled like spring!  It’s on it’s way, my friends.

Anyways, I had a not very vegan friendly lunch.  What a way to wrap up the Vegan for a Week challenge, no?

I had a veggie burger with tater tots and chips and dip on the side.  I had seconds of the tater tots and chips.  Well, thirds of the chips too, since I stood around and munched on more straight out of the bag.

Dessert was eclair.  YUM.  I had seconds of this, too.  If you’re going to cheat on Vegan Week, do it right.

It was nice to spend time with some of the family.  And take a nap.  Church, family, food, and sleeping are what Sundays were meant for.

Grammy Awards tonight!!  Are you watching? It should be a great night with lots of great performances!  I’m looking forward to Eminem, Arcade Fire, Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum, and Katy Perry!

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