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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on February 15, 2011

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I was getting quickly accustomed to “warm” temperatures (aka mid-30s), so when I walked out of my house this morning, 20 degrees was a harsh reality check that spring is not actually here yet.  The fact that it wasn’t pitch black at 7:30 this morning gave me hope that it is slowly making it’s way!

I threw together a bowl of vegan overnight oats last night.  It used up the last of my chia seeds.  Sad face.  Since I’m trying not to buy too much in the line of groceries until I move, that was it until the end of February.  I topped it with some agave nectar, cinnamon chips, and cashews this morning.  Yum.

Someone brought in cinnamon jelly hearts.  Not technically vegetarian because of the gelatin, but on a rare occasion, I’ll make an exception when it’s worth it.  Jell-O?  Not worth it.  Jelly hearts?  Worth it.  Give it a few more months and marshmallows for s’mores will most definitely be worth it.

Perfect little snack to eat within 30 minutes of sitting down at my desk tide me over until lunch.  Speaking of lunch, yet another random combo today!  Shocking, isn’t it?  I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich.

Some leftover garlicky asparagus on the side.  If you want to keep friends in your office, perhaps not the greatest thing to reheat in the microwave.  Lesson learned.

And grapes, which were intended to be my afternoon snack, but have somehow all found their way into my belly already.  Perhaps because I inhaled my actual lunch?

Anthropologie has a wedding dress line now.  It makes me want to get married just so I can buy a wedding dress from that amazing, money-sucking store.  I should probably find someone who wants to marry me (for the right reasons, not just so I can wear a pretty dress) first.  Until then, I’ll just drool over the pretty dresses.  Or buy something not wedding related from their online store.  I’m going to be in some serious trouble when an actual shop opens in Grand Rapids later this year.

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Cynthia (It All Changes) February 16, 2011 at 8:20 pm

I love your priorities…Jelly hearts are totally worth it 🙂


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