is it a nap or is it sleep.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on November 22, 2011

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By the time I left work yesterday, my allergies were getting the best of me.  I went home instead of the gym and after a couple episodes of Friends, I was fighting to keep my eyes open.  I curled up for what was supposed to be a quick nap and woke up more than 2.5 hours later (and still slept another 6+ hours last night).  Seriously, when does it stop being a “nap” and just become full-on sleeping?

I guess I was tired!  The sad truth is, though, I was most disappointed I missed (and never DVRed) Dancing with the Stars.  #firstworldproblems (on so many levels…).

The positive in that was I woke up feeling so much better this morning.  I refuse to be sick during Thanksgiving!  There is far too much food ready to find its way to my belly; as long as it doesn’t also find its way to my waistline, we’re good.

Lunch yesterday was a Chobani/Love Grown Foods granola combo.  Always delish.

I also had a daily random craving for chips and guacamole.  So I got some.

Eats for last night and thus far today have been pretty repetitive; mostly, lots and lots of toast.

Oh and some of the never-ending batch of chili I made last week.

I saw this cartoon this morning.


I laughed.  Yet, it was a good reminder to be aware of what I’m writing before I hit publish.  Be careful what you put out there, my friends.  The Internet will haunt us.  And, so ironically stated as I write my blog with TweetDeck and Facebook both running in the background.

Social media – yay or nay?  I’m a big, resounding YAY over here!

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Biz November 22, 2011 at 7:39 pm

You can never go wrong with guacamole, salsa and chips! Ha, that cartoon is awesome – I wish I were more into social media, but I guess its my age – I am 43. When I was 16 my sister and I got an EXTENSION phone line in our room and thought we were the bomb! 😀
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