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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on July 20, 2011

in Grand Rapids Dinner Club

The day is practically over at this point, but happy Wednesday nonetheless!  Is this week absolutely flying by for anyone else because it sure is for me!

Since I’m house sitting again but only for a couple days this time, I brought foods that are pretty simple to throw together, hence what has become my standard breakfast of late:  toast with sunflower seed butter, topped with white chocolate chips.

Quick and easy, just the way I like it. (TWSS 😉 !)

I was going to use the rest of the salad fixings I had brought in to work yesterday to make my lunch, but I got talked into walking over to Smashburger again.  Okay, okay, it wasn’t really that hard to convince me.  I had the spicy baja burger with a black bean patty and sweet potato smashfries.

You know, I’m not sure if it was just a fluke or if this whole vegan month challenge has already started to affect the way my body can handle dairy, but Smashburger did not sit well with me, at all!  We’re talking, to the point that I’m really not in a hurry to have a burger there again soon.  Next time, it’s definitely a salad that’s in order!

Now that this challenge is about 2/3 of the way over, I have to say I’m quite proud of how well I’ve done.  Sure, there have been a few dairy eating incidences, some more intentional than others.  Overall, I feel like I’ve managed to stay dairy free probably 90-95% of the time, which was my goal from the beginning.  I think it’s still too soon to truly tell what difference it has on my overall health and well-being, but I think that I could really stick with that percentage.  Ideally, I’d shoot for 100% and even where I’ve been thus far has honestly exceeded my expectations.  Can I call myself veganesque?

I met up with Andrea, Beth, and Jacqueline for July’s Dinner Club tonight and it was my turn to pick!  I went with Erb Thai, which opened about a year ago and it’s one of those restaurants that I always have my eye on when I drive past, but I’ve yet to go.

I had the pad pak which was a stir-fry with lots of veg, rice and tofu.  It was one of the dishes they could veganize, so I was excited!

It was a pretty small restaurant with only about half a dozen tables, but the food was excellent!  I’m a big fan of Thai cuisine anyhow, but this was great!  It was a bit salty, but I know I’m super dehydrated from the heat wave we’ve been having (pushing 100 degrees most of the week!), so I felt hyper-sensitive to that.  I think on a regular day I wouldn’t notice that the way I could tonight.

(Dear Erb Thai, please don’t sue me for saying it was salty.  I mean no harm and I’m excited to try your food again soon.  Mkay, thanks.  Love, Mindy)

I was super tempted to skip the gym after dinner.  I had great intentions to go but between the heat and the food baby, not going sounded like a fabulous idea.  I put on my big girl pants, reminded myself I never regret a workout, and got my booty to the Y.  I ran 3.0 miles in 34:30 and my knee was feeling pretty strong by the time I finished.  I was just starting to feel it, so I’m glad I stopped when I did.

And with that, I’m off to read for a bit and get some sleep!  The pups woke me up at 4:30 in the morning barking like crazy and I never really got back into that deep sleep.  Hopefully tonight I’ll make up for it!

What’s your favorite way to beat the heat?  I love water – pools, the beach, heck even going old school and running through sprinklers can be fun!

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Chelsey @ Chew with Your Mouth Open July 20, 2011 at 10:35 pm

Sadly, I think I live in the ONLY part of the country not having a heat wave. Quite the contrary, it doesn’t even feel like summer here in the PNW. But if it were to be scorching hot as it is in other places, my favorite thing to do is go see a movie so I can relax in the cool AC! OR go to the ocean!


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