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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on August 23, 2011

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After getting up at 3am the morning before, I was definitely not amongst the group out running at 5am Saturday morning.  More power to y’all; I am very pleased with my decision to stay curled up in bed.

Breakfast was sponsored by the lovely folks at Attune Foods!

Knowing there would be plenty of food throughout the day, I kept it light.

After an ice breaker, it was time to get into the bulk of the day with the sessions!  I wish I could have attended all of them (there was generally two running at once) and I had a hard time choosing which one check out.  Here are my takeaway thoughts from the morning sessions:

Budgeting for a Healthy Lifestyle with Lauren was a great reminder that yes, it is possible to eat healthy even on a limited budget.  The best tips for budgeting are meal planning, making grocery store lists, utilizing coupons (Mambo Sprouts is a great resource), buy produce in-season, and limit eating out.  I need to do all these things more!  Did you know that over the past 40 years, foods like beer, butter and soda have decreased in price while fresh fruits and vegetables have increased 40% in that same time?  That’s ridiculous!

Small Phrases for Healthy Changes:  The Power of “Action Mantras” (the Quaker sponsored workshop) was probably my favorite session of the day.  Dawn Jackson Blatner (loved her!!) talked about the importance of making what she called action mantras to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle.  If you’ve got something you’re struggling with, create a kitschy phrase to think of when facing that struggle.  Some that really hit home with me:

Issue: office sabotage
Action Mantra: no free food

Issue: hectic schedule
Action Mantra: nourish what counts

Issue: sweet tooth
Action Mantra: social sweets only

Rising Above Negativity was lead by Brittany, Julie, Courtney, and Heather which addressed negativity in the blogosphere, particularly in comment sections, and how to handle it.  I’ve been very fortunate to not have faced any negative comments on my little ole blog, but I know it’s something that nobody is immune to.  Both when leaving a comment and responding to a negative one, there are three questions to ask:  is it kind?  Is it true?  Is it helpful?

If you don’t want it in your life, don’t let it be a part of your reality. –Caitlin

After jam packed morning (including a Quaker snack break), it was time for lunch!  The highlight was all the sandwiches made with the so delicious I could eat a whole loaf in one sitting Great Harvest bread.

After lunch brought the keynote and the last two sessions of the day!

Dawn came back to lead the keynote speech about going RAW and focusing on Real and Achievable Wellness.  There is a continuum of change:  if you make changes too drastically, you’ll get burned out too quickly, but if you make them too slow, you won’t see the motivating results.  The key is to find that happy middle balance.  One way she suggested to do this is follow a flexitarian diet which minimizes meat consumption without actually eliminating it.  She shared several quick and easy vegetarian meal ideas:  tofu scramble, muesli bowl, veggie burger, Greek garbanzo pita pocket, vegetarian chili, pinto bean burrito, white bean pasta, edamame stir-fry, hummus and veggies, and black bean salsa.

The Numbers Game with Tina, Beth, Janetha, and Lisa which focused on, well, numbers!  As healthy living bloggers (and really, people in general) are often motivated by quantifiable goals:  the number on the scale, page hits, sets/reps in strength training, and so on.  These numbers can be both positive and negative.  Positive in that it’s a way to measure progress and provide an extra push when the goals aren’t reached; yet they become negative when it leads us to compare ourselves to other people or even ourselves at a different time and stage in life or when we lose sight of realistic goals.  Find a healthier motivation!  Look at the big picture, spend time in prayer or self-affirmation, and remember the original purpose/desire for the goal!

And finally, Katy showed her nerdy side (yay nerds!) with Monetizing Your Blog (Without Selling Out).  She talked about several different methods for monetizing (aka making money) from blogging including: private ads, advertising networks, brand ambassadors, affiliate sales, and freelancing are just some of the options.  She also talked about best practices when monetizing, most notably:  be open and honest, post your policies, know the law(s), and go above and beyond.  Bloggers, do yourself a favor and go check out Katy’s site:  she is my ultimate resource for all my blogging/social media questions!

Whew!  After a LOT of information, my head was spinning by the end of the day!  Next up in the Summit recaps:  touristy Saturday night!

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