grace and peace to you, rob.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on December 18, 2011

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Today was a sad day at my church, one that I’ve been dreading for three months.

It was announced in September that Rob, our founding pastor, was leaving my church, Mars Hill, to pursue other opportunities out in Los Angeles.  This morning was his last time up on on the platform in the “Shed” (aka sanctuary).  As he read us one final letter (which you can read here), it really hit me that he’s actually leaving.

While I am so excited to see what God does through Rob in this next step of his journey, I can’t help but feel sad for our church community.  It was Rob’s vision of what a church could be that got Mars up and running, and has shaped what we are today.

I started attending Mars Hill in the spring of 2004 after some time away from the church as a whole.  The community where I had really found my faith had evolved into something I wasn’t happy with, so I left.  I was burned out with the whole thing and perhaps a bit cynical.  I didn’t have a new church to start going to and just needed some time away.

That yea, Mars had a “Bad Friday” service on Good Friday and I went.  I fell in love.  There was something so unique, so vibrant about that place that drew me in.  I wanted to go back again and again.

In the years I’ve been going to Mars Hill, Rob Bell has truly helped shaped who I am not just as a Christian, but as a person.  He is such an engaging personality and amazingly intelligent; I could listen to him talk for hours on end.  Rob, and the Mars Hill community as a whole, have restored my faith in the church and given me a new perspective on Jesus.

While I’m so sad to see Rob leave, I believe that Mars Hill will be okay.  It won’t be the same, but change is good and necessary.  I’m excited for his new opportunities and the impact he’ll have on the world in this next step.

But for today, I can’t help but feel sad.

Grace and peace, to you, Rob.

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