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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on May 17, 2011

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I had to travel for work today for a meeting I’ve been trying to coordinate for awhile now and it’s just been one of those experiences where there have been hiccups all along the road.  Come the day of, I wasn’t all that surprised when things didn’t go smoothly.  I am very grateful that a) this year’s meeting is over, and b) next year’s is going to be at my building in Grand Rapids which will (hopefully) make planning go much smoother.  Minus a momentary freak out which almost lead to tears, I tried my best to roll with the punches.

The great thing about coordinating this meeting was that I got to specify exactly what I wanted for my boxed lunch while everyone else just got whatever Grand Traverse Pie Company put together.  Winning!

I had the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich and subbed a fruit cup in for the bag of chips.

The best part about boxed lunches from a pie company?  You get, surprise surprise, a piece of pie!  I had a slice of Dutch apple.

I had no plans on going out for dinner, but when Sara suggested Gaia Cafe, an absolutely adorable hole in the wall vegetarian restaurant that I love, love, love in Grand Rapids, I couldn’t say no.  I haven’t been to Gaia in ages. I got the Mean Green Burrito, the green being tomatillo sauce.  Holy yum.

Gaia has the most delectable cookies, chock full of all sorts of goodness:  chocolate, dates, walnuts, coconut (okay, not actually a fan of that part), and a bunch of other amazing things.  I lurve Gaia cookies.

Trying to photograph food while in a moving car, particularly while on a brick road, doesn’t work so well.

Ah, much better.

Two desserts in one day?  Yeah, I went there.  Now, I’ve got a food baby to show for it!  So worth it.

Back to the gym tomorrow!  I’m going to give the elliptical a shot; not quite feeling ready to attempt a run!

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