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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on June 9, 2011

in Grand Rapids Dinner Club

We had another round of the Grand Rapids Dinner Club tonight!  With schedules being ridic last month, we ended up not meeting during May, so it was great to get together with the girls again!

It was Beth’s turn to pick the restaurant and she chose Gaia Cafe.


She was actually the only one in the group who hadn’t been there before; Jacqueline and Andrea have each been once, and it’s one of my favorite places in the city.  It was actually one of the first restaurants Andrea and I went to when our little dinner club was just in it’s early stages!  Back then, it was just the two of us.  Since then, we added two more people, lost one, and gained another!

All but one time that I’ve been to Gaia, I’ve gotten the same thing:  the Mean Green Burrito.  Since part of Dinner Club is about trying new places, I went with a new dish instead.

I dominated that plate!  If it were social acceptable, I probably would have quite literally licked it clean.  Not only was I that hungry, it was that good.

It might just take over as my new regular order at Gaia.  Then again, out of their menu of less than a dozen dishes, I’ve now tried three.  Perhaps I should keep expanding my horizons.

Since I ate my weight in rum cake this morning, I opted not to get a Gaia cookie.  The rum cake was far superior anyhow, which is saying a lot because I lurve those cookies!

After dinner, I headed to the Y for another run.  Since Tuesday’s 3.0 miles were pain free, I was really hoping for a repeat of that!  I pushed it just a little harder on my intervals this time.

  • 0.1 mile at 10:31 min/mile pace (5.7 mph)
  • 0.3 mile at 10:42 (5.6)
  • 0.1 mile at 15:00 (4.0)

I did that cycle 5 times, then for the last half a mile, I went hard:

  • 0.1 mile at 10:31 (5.7)
  • 0.1 mile at 10:42 (5.6)
  • 0.3 mile at 9:05 (6.6)

By the end, I did 3.0 miles in 33:45 (11:15 min/mile).  I’m really, really anxious to get my speed back up from a tortoise with a limp to just that of a tortoise.  I know right now though, I more need to focus on taking care of myself and not getting hurt again or causing permanent damage.  Just like it did before, the speed will slowly creep back up.

One day at a time.

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