forgot my brain.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on June 1, 2011

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My brain was clearly not with me today; I think I must have left it at home this morning!  First, I forget my lunch in the fridge at home, then I miss an afternoon meeting which I saw on my calendar this morning and then it just came and went.  I must have been too concerned about fueling up for what I had planned on being an awesome workout!  Pecan pie Larabar?  Not bad, but not my favorite flavor either.

As if the first two weren’t enough, I get to the Y and start changing into my workout gear and realize I have zero sports bras in my gym bag.

Since that effectively ruined my chance of working out at the Y, I headed home and rather than working out I home, I opted to curl up with Sarah’s Key, the book I have to finish for tomorrow night’s book club (which as of this afternoon, I had 200+ pages to read).  I got completely caught up in the story and time flew by!  I’m near finished with the story now (full review coming later…)

I had plans to meet up with my friend Ashley for dinner at Founders tonight.  By the time we actually got there, it was well after 8:00 and I was super hungry!  I had half a Tree Hugger sandwich and a Mountain Mist beer.  It was a new one to me, but I really loved it!  Super hoppy, but really smooth and tasty.

As what seems like always happens at Founders, I ran into other people I know and ended up staying longer than I planned.  I could think of far worse ways to spend an evening.  It’s nice being surrounded by top notch people at one of my favorite places in the city.

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