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Since it’s launch, I’ve been a part of  FitFluential, a great community of fitness enthusiasts sharing their journey and spreading a positive healthy message both online and off.  I secretly wanted to be an Ambassador, but doubted myself and if I was a right fit.

Over Thanksgiving, I decided to cast aside my self-doubt and give it a go.  The worst that could happen is they say no, right?

I’ve been thinking about “applying” to become a FitFluential Ambassador for awhile now, but kept putting it off because I didn’t think I was the right caliber of a fitness enthusiast to qualify.

I try to stay active and healthy, but sometimes there are days where I just have zero desire. And sometimes, one day turns into two, which turns into a week. Initially, I thought that a FitFluential Ambassador wouldn’t embody those behaviors. The more I think about it, though, the more I think that makes me so perfect to be an Ambassador because that is just what real people go through. Life can get in the way, motivation goes by the wayside, and it gets hard!

Sometimes, I lose my motivation, but I always find a way to get it back and find my groove. I think that is exactly what being FitFluential entails! I think this community is a group of people who enjoy being active and fit, who love working out and getting sweaty, but realize that there is so much more to life. Fitness isn’t just about the miles you log or the number of yoga poses you can master or how fast you can run a 5K. Fitness is about finding the activities you love, that make you excited. Whether you’ve never run a consecutive mile or you’ve qualified for Boston, that’s not what matters. You might not be a runner, but you could be the hot shot on the softball field. It’s about finding the activities that make you come alive, that make you excited to get out and do it.

For me, those activities are running, yoga, and Zumba. I’m not very good at any of them, but they challenge me and make me want to come back for more. I started my journey weighing over 230 pounds and would run if I’m being chased. This year, I ran a 5K in under 30 minutes (which was one of my goals!). In 2012, I’m running a marathon. This weekend, I held crow pose for the first time ever. It was only a second, but I was so proud. It’s finding those moments of joy, the pride in the accomplishments, the setting new goals that make me feel FitFluential and make me feel like I would be a great Ambassador.

Thus far, there are no FitFluential Ambassadors for Michigan. I would love to represent my city of Grand Rapids. According to a report released earlier this year, my state is the 10th most obese state in the entire country. Almost 2/3rds of the state is either overweight or obese. I find that so heartbreaking! I want to motivate not only people in my state, but around the country that they CAN do it! I’ve turned my life around with my weight loss over the past few years! I want to motivate and encourage, to tell people that they can do the same. Being obese doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Being obese doesn’t have to define who you are.

I want to be a FitFluential Ambassador to show people it’s okay to take a week off from working out if that’s what you need, but it’s equally important to get back to it when you’re ready. I want to be a FitFluential Ambassador to show people that you can go from being obese to achieving fitness goals you never thought possible. I want to be a FitFluential Ambassador to be a voice for a community that I have come to cherish so deeply since staring my blog in May 2010.

Well, my friends, I am very proud to announce that I have been accepted as a FitFluential Ambassador, representing my beloved Grand Rapids!  I cannot wait to be a voice for this community and share to anyone who doubts and questions what their capable of that yes, you CAN do it.  There was once a time I doubted myself in so many ways and since I started my weight loss/healthy living journey, I am so surprised at the things I am able to accomplish.

Are you FitFluential?  Learn more about joining this amazing community!

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Kristie December 10, 2011 at 10:00 am

Congrats girl! And I definitely agree with what you wrote there, too. I sometimes let my motivation fall the wayside and my fitness suffers, but you just got to pick yourself back up and get back to it :).


Sophie @ LoveLiveAndLearn December 10, 2011 at 11:29 am

Oh congratulations! That’s so exciting 🙂
I really love what you wrote – it is really quite similar to how I am!
I think you’ll make a brilliant Fitfluential Ambassador!!
Sophie @ LoveLiveAndLearn recently posted..Meh.


Nicole Shugars December 11, 2011 at 8:20 pm

Congratulations, Mimi. Why didn’t you tell me? I think this is awesome!


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