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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on November 18, 2011

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Thanks to Tina for the heads up on this one – the Hanges Virtual Sock Drive!  From now until December 12, if you “like” the Hanes Facebook page and click Donate Now, the company will donate a pair of socks to The Salvation Army!  Socks are one of those things that it’s so easy to take for granted (although I really can’t stand wearing them, I love being as close to barefoot as possible!).  While I might not be a fan of wearing socks, they’re something that people need and may not be able to buy.  This is such a simple way to give to those in need!

It might be Fancy Coffee Friday, but I got some real food in me before heading to Starbucks.  That whole counting my coffee drink as my breakfast thing?  Not cool.

I official switched over to the Peppermint Mocha.  I usually do the Pumpkin Spice Lattes through Thanksgiving but I just wasn’t feeling it this morning!  Crazy talk right there!  But the mocha completely hit the spot, minus the fact it was not nearly enough caffeine for this morning!

I had a lovely surprise this morning when Krista tweeted me this morning asking if I had lunch plans!  She’s a fellow blogger going to a school to become a pharmacist – much of her program is based in Grand Rapids and she’s in town for the weekend.

Bartertown with a friend > lamesauce lunch from home while sitting at my desk.  And yes, I had dinner at Bartertown on Saturday.  What can I say, I love it there so, so much!

This time around, I had one of their daily specials, the Mad Scientist II, a “buffalo tofu black bean burger topped spicy ranch, collard greens, fried onions, and tomatillo sauce” and of course, homestyle fries.


And I’m telling you, it’s not a visit to Bartertown without a cupcake!  I went for the birthday cake this time.


Go Shorty, it’s yer birthday, we gonna party like it’s yer birthday.  What, you don’t randomly break out into old school 50 Cent songs when you hear “birthday”? 😉

I crack myself up sometimes!

I was back at my yoga studio for another round of hot yoga tonight.  Classes there kick my butt and tonight was no different.  I continue to realize how much tension I carry around and how incredibly tight my muscles get!  Sometimes, it can be just as challenging for me emotionally as it is physically.  At one point, I was in child’s pose and realized I had tears streaming down my face!  I don’t know what was the catalyst, but clearly something broke me down.  I need more yoga in my life!

I wasn’t super hungry after class, and just wanted something light and cold.  Pumpkin pie yogurt to the rescue!

As lame as this might be for a single 28 year old woman at 8:30 on a Friday night, I’m already curled up in bed.  I’m ready to pop in a movie and go to bed early – I am completely wiped out from this week even though I have no good reason to be!

Any fun weekend plans?  




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