Chicago Marathon Training: Week 7

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on July 24, 2017

in Chicago Marathon 2017

As of last week’s post, training is in a funky place, largely fueled by the funky mood I was living with. I knew that if I jumped right back in where my plan left off, it wouldn’t end well. Be it, injury or at the very least frustration leading to apathy. I was already feeling quite apathetic about training as a whole, so I wanted to avoid anything that would add to that. So, I allowed myself the freedom to ease back into things. My sole priority was just to run six days. How far or how fast were less of a concern. But, six days? That, I knew I could handle.

At least, I was pretty sure I could handle it, but in truth, the weather was a bigger struggle for me than the number of days I ran. We had a hot and humid week here in Michigan and while the heat was manageable, the humidity felt brutal.

Monday: ran 2.0 miles (10:28 pace) and a 6 minute ab circuit from the Jillian Michaels app. I’m trying so hard to prioritize strength training and yoga, especially as training gets more intense. I know it will serve me well come race day and beyond.

Tuesday: yoga (60 minutes) and ran 2.5 miles (10:44 pace).

Wednesday: rest day. It was freaking glorious.

Thursday: ran 3.0 miles (11:46 pace). Remember when I used to be (relatively) fast? Yeah, me either. Lately, I’ve felt frustrated with my pace. I know where I was a couple years ago, easily running sub 10-minute miles, and I honestly cannot figure out how to get back there. I just need to keep working. It will happen. Right?

Friday: ran 3.0 miles (11:01 pace).

Saturday: ran 3.43 miles (13:11 pace). The humidity knocked me down and the hills kicked me hard. This felt particularly brutal, but it was truly game over once I got in a negative headspace. I spent some quality time with my foam roller when I got home, as I feel like my IT band is getting tight again.

Sunday: ran 4.0 miles (12:04 pace). After a particularly enjoyable spur-of-the moment trip to the beach for the afternoon, I still had to run. Although it was a bit cooler, the humidity still made breathing a struggle. As much as summer is my favorite season and I’ll take running in this over snow and cold any day, that doesn’t make it any easier.

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katie July 26, 2017 at 9:18 pm

I ran two miles on my lunch break this week…or rather 1.5 miles, the heat and my lack of recent running got me good and i had to walk it in the last half mile. Way to go on easing back in!
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Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution July 26, 2017 at 9:49 pm

Ain’t no shame in the walking game! Way to get out there, friend – proud of you!


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