Chicago Marathon Training: Week 3

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on July 3, 2017

in Chicago Marathon 2017

I’m a week behind, guys. This post is actually for the week of June 19, but life got crazy and I neglected to finish writing it up and publish it! My week four recap is going live tomorrow. If I’m being honest, I have so many ideas for the blog swirling around in my head, but am doing a terrible job about taking the time to sit down and do the work. But, that’s another post in and of itself, so for now, a training recap! I hate that I’m still solidly in the 11-minute pace, but that’s what my training plan calls for and I’m trying to stick to that as closely as I possibly can. You want me to run easy miles, Hansons? Okay. Still, some days feel easier than others, but I suppose that’s true of running as whole.

The Week In Review!

Plan: off.
What I did: yoga (60 minutes). I was absolutely thrilled because I got closer to Birds of Paradise pose than ever before. This is a pose that always felt completely inaccessible to me, so the progress felt absolutely monumental. There’s a lot to be said for consistency on the mat (and, the weight I’ve lost so far this year probably doesn’t hurt, either.)

Plan: run 4 easy miles.
What I did: yoga (75 minutes) and ran 4 (11:08 pace). A sweet heat yoga class and an evening run, although neither were particularly notable.

Plan: off.
What I did: off! Nailed it.

Plan: run 4 easy miles.
What I did: yoga (60 minutes) and ran 4 (11:00 pace). As I get further into marathon training, I know that doubling up is going to get more challenging, especially when yoga is the “push” class which includes more bodyweight strength training and cardio. Although class kicked my butt as usual, it was a rare time when I felt like I could keep up, which felt amazing.

Plan: run 4 easy miles.
What I did: ran 4 (11:40 pace).

Plan: run 5 easy miles.
What I did: off. I woke up and my lower back was absolutely killing me, and continued to throughout the day. I’m pretty sure I just slept funny, but laid low for the day, as just walking was painful.

Plan: run 4 easy miles.
What I did: ran 5 (11:03 pace) and yoga (60 minutes). I struggled with how many miles to run. While only the difference of a mile, do I stick with what my training plan says, or make up the “long” run from the day before? I decided to just go with the flow. If I was feeling awesome, then aim for five. If not, stop at four. I don’t think it was really going to make an earth-shattering difference either way, but it was one of those rare runs when I felt like I could have kept running for miles.

This week’s plan:

Monday: off.
Tuesday: run 5 easy miles.
Wednesday: off.
Thursday: run 3 easy miles.
Friday: run 3 easy miles.
Saturday: run 5 easy miles.
Sunday: run 5 easy miles.

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