Chicago Marathon Training: Week 2

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on June 19, 2017

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I think it’s just part of the marathon training game, but my head was all over the place this week. One day, I feel so confident and know I’m going to absolutely crush this race. The next, marathons are terrible and I don’t want to do this. Hopefully, I have more feelings of the latter in the weeks ahead! Although I’m not feeling much progress in my running, I am feeling it in my yoga practice. So, I know that my overall fitness is increasing and I need to focus on that. Obviously, running is the priority, but time on my yoga mat keeps my muscles (and frame of mind) healthy, so it’s going to be a major priority as well.

The week in review!

Plan: off.
What I did: yoga (60 minutes). I went to a “sweet heat” class after work and it felt lovely, especially since I was on the road for work all day. The gentle flow was just what my body needed.

Plan: run 2 easy miles.
What I did: yoga (75 minutes) and ran 2 (10:55 pace). I went to another sweet heat class and it felt amazing. I also went from feeling like a freaking yoga rock star to sobbing in child’s pose in about sixty seconds. The thing about yoga is that we carry a lot of tension in our hips, so hip opening poses can release a lot of that. A flood of emotions hit me like a ton of bricks and quite literally dropped me to my knees.c

As for the run, I didn’t do so well at the easy paced part, especially considering it was still around 85 degrees and 60% humidity when I ran around 8:30 in the evening. Granted, it felt easy, but it wasn’t in the “easy pace” range that my plan calls for. I did, however, do my first #sportsbrasquad run of 2017, and it felt so empowering.

Chicago Marathon Training: Week 2

Plan: off.
What I did: absolutely nothing and it was glorious.

Plan: run 3 easy miles.
What I did: yoga (60 minutes). Tonight’s class was part yoga, part extra strength training. Yes, yoga is inherently strength training, but this “push” class takes it to the next level, incorporating things like pulses into a lunge or bridge pose. We did a lot of core work, and blessedly no cardio. I was going to run when I got home, but I got a text from a friend that she was at one of my favorite restaurants with a mutual friend who was in town from NYC. I had the best of intentions to go to the gym after dinner and run on the treadmill, but we continued the evening until about midnight and it just wasn’t happening after that. I’m fully committed to this marathon training cycle, but relationships are incredibly important, too.

Plan: run 3 easy miles.
What I did: ran 3 (11:41 pace). Honestly, there was nothing that felt particularly notable about this run, except for the fact that I didn’t want to go but knew I had to since I skipped my planned run the night before. I’m okay missing one here and there, especially for good reason, but “I don’t wanna” is the furthest thing from a good reason.

Plan: run 4 easy miles.
What I did: ran 3 (14:30 pace). This run was miserable, at best. One of the big things with this training method is not taking walking breaks. Although only two weeks in, I’ve done really well with that up to this point. But, this run wore me down and I ended up walking just over a mile before calling it quits a mile early. Although I struggled getting back to running earlier in the year, this was probably the most discouraged I’ve felt in at least a couple months.

Plan: run 3 easy miles.
What I did: ran 4 (12:10 pace). I set out hoping to swap my planned miles from the day before, but giving myself grace if it didn’t happen. Although there was still some walking, I was pleased to hit four miles. I threw in some hills which slowed me down, but I know they’re important for developing my overall strength.

This week’s plan:

Monday: off.
Tuesday: run 4 easy miles.
Wednesday: off.
Thursday: run 4 easy miles.
Friday: run 4 easy miles.
Saturday: run 5 easy miles.
Sunday: run 4 easy miles.

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